Sunday, January 16, 2011

Toby's Spa Day

We decided to spend part of our day, giving our 95 pound chocolate lab a bath.  Toby loves water due to his doggy instincts, but he doesn't like baths too much.  Toleration is the best word to describe his mood during his at home spa treatment!  He is too big to go into the bathtub so our unfinished concrete floor basement is the perfect place for this job.

He needs a little treat motivation to keep him in the kiddie pool and he will stay...reluctantly.

He does enjoy the massaging action of soaping him up.

The brushing and rub down with the towels are one of his favorite parts!  Toby especially loves the hugs he gets from his human buddy!


  1. That is so cute! I'm sure he smells great.

  2. what a cutie!! my daughter would lovelove that pup.

  3. Toby is a gentle yet clumsy giant! He's a great dog with the exception of his obsession with food!