Tuesday, January 25, 2011

March for Life

I find it very sad that it seems that the only media source that was interested in covering the March for Life was EWTN.  I have to admit, I do not watch a lot of tv news but when it was on, I didn't hear any mention of the Pro-Life marches.

So, I listen to KLove radio station a lot while driving in my car and at home... I did not hear the March for Life mentioned ONCE yesterday.  They advertise themselves as "postive and encouraging" and not a Christian radio station, however, all they play are songs about Jesus performed by Christian artists.  Their DJ's talk all day long about prayer, hope, Jesus and spreading His message.  So, why did they NOT talk about the March for Life?  Too much of a hot topic?  Are they staying on the fence so they won't be forced to pick a side?  I think I will email them and ask them so they know there are Christians who are Pro-Life.

I don't know how people can call themselves Christian and pro-choice... it's an oxymoron.


  1. Hi Noreen, just stopped by to say hello and enjoy your posts. I was so thrilled you took the time to visit my blog. Thank you! I added a couple of comments to the ones you thoughtfully made. Your comments made me think. Your blog looks good and so well established considering what a short time you have been blogging! Here, it is early on Australia Day. It is also my daughter Gemma-Rose's birthday so we are anticipating a wonderful day of celebration. I hope you enjoy your day too. May God bless you. Sue

  2. yes, it is. I like the bumper stickers and say "Catholic. Pro-Choice. Pick One."

  3. Sue - thank you for taking the time to post (and for your supportive comments) on your daughter's b-day. I hope she had a special day!

    Gardenia - I have not seen that bumper sticker but I like it.