Monday, April 8, 2013

Divine Mercy Sunday

This was my first class since Easter so we made the changes to our prayer table.  
Our purple table cloth was replaced by white. 

We replaced our purple Lenten candle with a white one and added this pretty 
Paschal Candle printable from Celebrations in the Catholic Home.  
They offer it free on their blog.

We replaced the thorns with silk flowers and brought back our Alleluia.

It also happened to be Divine Mercy Sunday so we watched the 
EWTN DVD: The Divine Mercy Chaplet for Kids.  
It has a long and short version in both English and Spanish.  
Perfect for teaching children the history of this devotion and the special love Jesus 
gave to St. Faustina to share with us of his Divine Mercy.
We made our Divine Mercy image found at Catholic Icing.  Lacy offers a free printable of Jesus with the radiant rays to color and attach onto a toilet paper tube.  
I didn't get a picture of the ones we made in class so I'm borrowing one of Lacy's.  
Thank you Lacy!

Catholic Icing

Through Lacy's blog, I learned of the Divine Mercy Chaplet craft that she offers for free at
Making Music Praying Twice.  On cardstock, I downloaded her pattern with prayers (scroll down on her page) and then created my own "Eternal Father" prayer to be recited on the Our Father beads.

We colored the prayers to make them pop.

 I also made some Divine Mercy cupcakes.

I had seen this idea online to make the inside blue and red.
I've done it before for the 4th of July cupcakes and they worked great too for Divine Mercy Sunday.

That Resource Site has a great selection of printable resources to celebrate this day.  
I downloaded the St. Faustina trading card for each of my students.

I've linked this post up at Training Happy Hearts and Home to 4 Kiddos.

May God's Divine Mercy be upon you,


  1. I'm continuously amazed at your creativity, Noreen! You do so many special little things for your class. What a blessing you are to them. Those little touches demonstrate God's love (through you) in so many meaningful ways. I'm sure your kids will remember it for many years.


  2. What a wonderful way to share the message of Divine Mercy Noreen! This is awesome! Thank you for sharing...

  3. Noreen!!! I had to come and see your Paschal candle and it is beautiful!!!

    Please link your post in my friend's link up:

  4. These are wonderful. You are so dedicated. Thank you.

    God bless.

  5. You asked about the Altar Gang at THH. I, personally, would NOT use the CD's for a traditional religious ed class. They are fun CD's, with some great messages, but they are long for tradtional religious ed classes and are a but more on the contemporary/modern/imaginative side than the 'meat' side, in my opinion, for class purposes. Sort of Toy Story/Disney-esque in a way but with a faith message... Perfect for supplement and home use, but not necessarily for faith formation classes... I think that the Glory Story CD's are more in line with religious ed in style and content (although even those stories can get long at about 20 minutes, depending on your class.) We also love those here. And, there's the Altar Gang DVD, too, which could be good to get excerpts from. I will let you know once I watch it.

  6. Hello Noreen La Fiesta de Enlaces de la Divina Misericordia are available, thanks. Sorry my english.

  7. Noreen,

    I am continually amazed at your ability to make lessons interesting and enjoyable. I know you will pass on the credit to the wonderful ladies who share their ideas with you. But all that work and effort is entirely your own.

    I've been thinking a lot about the Divine Mercy recently. I read St Faustina's diary while I was pregnant with Thomas, and think it's time to read it again. Yesterday I listened to an mp3 talk, and afterwards I realised that the very first Divine Mercy Sunday was also my birthday!

    God bless!