Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I was asked why I started the rosary and I guess one could ask why I haven't been praying the rosary all these years.  I don't have a good answer for that one. 

Here is the wonderful lady who first showed me how to pray the rosary.

my grandma
I remember she kept a rosary in her purse and would take it out when she wanted to pray.  She would encourage my sisters and me to pray it but I found it difficult as a child.  I think it required too much concentration for me so I gave up.
My next attempt at saying the rosary was when this lovely lady passed away in Feb. 1992.  This is my mom.  My father had collected every rose petal from her wake and funeral flowers and he sent them to a place where nuns created rosaries from the rose petals.  For awhile, my rosary had the scent of roses which I found very comforting.

However, I still didn't pray the rosary.
Until one day about two years ago, I was in an inter-denominational bible study and one of my Catholic friends asked me directly, "Do you say the rosary?"  Charity encouraged me to do so and reminded me of the graces and blessings that will come if I did.  She gave me a rosary, a booklet on how to pray it, and information from Our Lady of Fatima.

Another dear friend, Holly, encouraged me as well and helped explain how to do it.  We have become prayer partners of sorts.  She is "my go-to" person when I have a question about faith.  We've had many wonderful conversations about our walks with God.

I think God puts certain people in our lives at very specific times to lead us where he wants us to go. 


  1. That is so cool to see Mom and Grandma up there! Hope this entry leads others to pray the rosary.

  2. great! Its good. hopefully others will come and follow u and pray the rosary

  3. thank God for providential friends. i just recently received His gift for me, a providential friend to aid me on this journey.

    keep praying the rosary. ALL FOR JESUS THROUGH MARY!

    pax Christi - lena

  4. seeing their pictures!! Thanks for reminding me of how important praying is. You are following in mom and grandma's footsteps! I remember how much peace saying the rosary gave them.

  5. praying the rosary does give you peace. I think even if you "just do it" and you are distracted- you still reap the blessings from it.