Friday, January 28, 2011

NY Abortion Rate Follow Up

I was asked if what Fr. Robert Barron said on his video clip I posted two days ago was accurate.  To be honest, I didn't google it to verify if NY has a 41% abortion rate like he said.  I consider him a reliable source but it did get me wondering.  So, I just googled it now and sadly, it is all true.  Check out these links for additional info:


  1. Thanks for looking into this. Very, very sad and shocking.

  2. So sad and true! And the fact that African Americans are still a huge percentile more is sickening to add to the disgust.

    What a beautiful site! You don't know how to blog you say? Looks great to me!:)

  3. oh my. that is so sad. I'm praying for those little souls in heaven, and their mothers.