Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rosary Con't.

Recently, I was having a discussion about praying the rosary and was asked
 "Who are you praying to when you pray the rosary?"

I am praying to God, Jesus and asking Our Blessed Mother for her intercession

Praying the rosay is meditating on the Gospels

The Gospel is the story of Jesus which includes God choosing Mary to be Jesus' mother.

Joyful Mysteries (to be said on Mondays & Saturdays)
Birth of Jesus
Finding Jesus in the Temple

Sorrowful Mysteries (to be said on Tuesdays & Fridays)
Agony in the Garden
Scourging at the Pillar
Crowning with Thorns
Carrying of the Cross

Glorious Mysteries (to be said on Wednesdays & Sundays)
Descent of the Holy Spirit

Luminous Mysteries (to be said on Thursdays)
Baptism of Jesus
Wedding Feast at Cana
Proclamation of the Kingdom of God
Institution of the Holy Eucharist

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  1. i have said the same answer-the rosary is all about meditating on Jesus and seeking Mary, His chosen Mother, to intercede. I have found verses in the bible though that says Jesus is our intercessor. Romans 8:34 So I've been challenged as to why I wouldn't only go straight to Him.