Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fr. Robert Barron - Word on Fire

New statistics were released in New York on the rate of abortion.  41% of pregnancies end in abortion.  Out of this percentage, 60% of these abortions are African American babies. 

Disturbing... shocking... horrifying numbers.  Is it convenient birth control?  Is it genocide?  You decide.

Please check out Fr. Robert Barron's video and then his website - Word on Fire for more information.

Have you heard about Abby Johnson's book "UnPlanned," about her leaving Planned Parenthood and becoming a Pro-Life Activist?  I haven't read it yet but I plan to and see what her unique perspective is on abortion.


  1. Disturbing numbers indeed!

    My Mom would have loved your blog!

  2. Are those numbers for the state of New York? That doesn't seem accurate for the United States.

  3. Thank you Terri for your nice comment!