Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lent and St. Patrick Lesson Plan

Today I had a rather ambitious project and fortunately, I had another teacher come in and help during it!  I decided to have my students make Erin's Easter Wreath that she offers for free to her readers at Wee Little Miracles.  It goes from Palm Sunday to Pentecost and each event has scripture verses printed on an Easter egg shape.  It's so cute and educational for it has the main events of the Passion of Jesus, His Resurrection and Ascension; and then Pentecost.  It's all in one place on a cute wreath for my students to hang in their homes.  Each time they walk by it, they can remember the sacrifice Jesus made for them....for us.

My sample copy was placed on our prayer table.  
It was propped up by Saint Ciaran and St. Patrick.

Here's a close up of the Easter wreath.  It's perfect for young children with pictures and scripture to tell the real story of the last week of Jesus' life on earth up until Pentecost.

I also used Jessica's St. Patrick free printables to attach to chocolate gold coins.  
You can find them at Catholic Cuisine.  Thank you Jessica!  
Holly also has cute ones that she made over at
Three Sided Wheel Blog.  Thank you Holly!

Aren't they cute?  I didn't get a picture of Holly's but hers are really sweet too.
I tend to make a few extra because a few older siblings of my students tend to stop by our
classroom to see if I have any extras!

I tried to take a side view to show the different colors of the chocolate coins.  
At this time of the year, you can get the chocolate coins in many colors over at Party City.  
They are 10 cents each!  I used gold, green and orange.

But I bought a few more in dark and light blue that I used a few weeks ago, as the coins 
that Judas' accepted to betray Jesus.

The lighting was bad but the colors are such fun!  Party City also had them in pinks and purples.  
Very colorful and fun!

Then, I went to CeAnne's blog, Sanctus Simplicitus and downloaded her St. Patrick's bookmarks.

 She has many great ideas and resources on how to celebrate this popular saint.
When I told my students that St. Patrick was a real man that loved Jesus and lived a long time ago,
they were shocked.  
They were thinking he was a leprechaun!

Even though St. Ciaran's feast day is in September, he knew St. Patrick
and is considered the first Irish Saint.

The library has a few good books about the real man, St. Patrick.  Here are the ones I found:

By Joyce Denham

                                                                             By Ann Tompert


By Joyce Denham

St. Patrick, pray for us!
Last year, I made THIS CRAFT with my students to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and explain the Holy Trinity.

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  1. Another job well done, Noreen!! The children in your class are so lucky :)

  2. Noreen, this must have be such a fun day for your students! Thanks for sharing my St. Patrick's Coin Covers with them :)