Friday, January 27, 2012

Family Calendar by Arma Dei & Giveaway

I'm posting this information at Community of Catholic Bloggers as well as here so as many people as possible can check out Monica's great products and enter her giveaway!

Monica from Equipping Catholic Families Blog and Arma Dei generously gave me a free copy of her Family Calendar to review.  She offers two options, you can either buy it in black and white for the coloring pleasure of your children or buy it fully colored.  Correction:  both the black & white and colored calendar are offered for the same price!  I have the one which is fully colored and I three hole punched it and placed it in a report folder with a clear front page.

Very colorful front page in my report folder.
Note the focus of the month and important feast dates.
 If you want to stay on track with the liturgical calendar, this is a must have.  Each page informs you of the focus of the month.  For example, January is the Month of the Most Holy Name of Jesus. February is the Month of the Passion of the Lord...etc.  She also has left space to write special dates among the already listed popular  feast days of the month.  You will also find special notes on each month with dates to remember.

Lists all the feast and holy days of each month.
The last two pages of the calendar has a comprehensive list of all the feast days each month.  It's a great way to become familiar with saints and holy days each month.  So much information in her calendar!  I love it because it's all in one place at a glance.  Previously, I've been googling the liturgical calendar to learn of dates and feast days and now I don't have to.   This calendar is a great resource for teachers and moms who wish to raise their children in the Catholic Faith.

All of Monica's products are so vibrantly colored, easy to use and informative.  If you're not familiar with her work, you should head on over there right now!  In fact, she is hosting a giveaway of her Catholic Bilingual Bingo Game.  It's easy to enter her giveaway at Equipping Catholic Families.
She's a blessing to us all!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rockford Abortion Clinic Closed

Today while praying outside an abortion clinic near Chicago, I learned that a different abortion clinic in Rockford called Northern Illinois Womens Center (N.I.W.C.) was temporarily shut down by the state over 3 months ago for it's health and safety violations.  (In fact, it was reported that the abortion center had not been inspected by the state for over 14 years.)  They were given two options by the Illinois Department of Public Health:

  • They could pay the $9,750 fine and reopen once the citations were fixed.  OR 
  • Remain closed, pay a reduced fine of $1,000 and lose their license.  
On January 13, 2012, the clinic owner opted to close up shop and pay the reduced fine.  Here is what he said in a statement to the Rockford Register Star:

"We also want to acknowledge the Winnebago County Citizens for Choice for walking with us and the women coming to the clinic in the face of harassment, intimidation and hostility.  The WCCC are women and men who will continue to work to preserve women's right to reproductive health.  The staff is very saddened by the closing.  We are not done grieving this loss and still are struggling with surrendering to the idea that we will not be able to do this work tomorrow or the day after."

The more I googled about this clinic, the more intense and demonic this clinic appeared to be.  So much so, that seven priests came and prayed outside the clinic on the public sidewalks.  They were praying prayers of exorcism and these prayers were answered!

Here are some pictures I found from the Pro Life Corner Blog who has been involved with praying for the rights of the unborn, their mothers and staff at the N.I.W.C.  Beware though:  these images are shockingly heinous.

You'll have to go to their blog Pro Life Corner Blog to get a better view of what the owner put on the windows.  Here is what is written on some of his signs:

 "Red Alert Terrorists and Perverts Lurking in the Area" 
"If my sermon offends you - you repent" 
"$500 reward for return of missing demons" 
"This clinic has more integrity than your church has" 
"Abortion removes parasites, exorcism removes demons" 
 "We love God.  Abortion is Part of God's Plan"
"Premises protected by Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson"
I have no idea what the meaning is behind the chicken with the noose around it's neck?

Praise God for the hard work of the Pro Life Corners activists, for those priests and lay people who went to pray for an end to this tragedy!  


Jesus protect and save the unborn!

Prayers and blessings to all those who stand up for the unborn!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Choice: Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade

39 year ago today January 22, 1973, the unthinkable happened.  
The United States of America's judicial system legalized abortion.  

  • Today we remember ALL of those babies who weren't given the choice whether they wanted to live.  It was taken from them without their consent.  
  • We remember and pray for the mothers and fathers who bought into this lie and chose to end the lives of their babies.  
  • We remember and pray for all of the doctors and nurses who wrongly believe they are doing what's best for their patients by terminating a pregnancy.
  • We remember to pray for our government and society that they learn to value and protect it's children, born and unborn.

What does choice really mean?

The feminist group believes that they have the right to determine what happens to their body.  It's their "choice".  They promote the idea that "it's just a bunch of cells" and not life.  We now know this is not true.  Anyone who has had an ultrasound knows that a baby is forming.  There is life in the womb not just a mass of cells.  Abortion kills that life pure and simple.  There's no getting around this fact.

I'm joining in with other Pro-Life Bloggers at Catholic Bloggers Network to stand up for our most vulnerable members of society ~ our unborn!

Jesus, save and protect the unborn!

Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.  Jeremiah 1:5

Announcing 2nd Annual "Ask Them What They Mean by "Choice" Blog Day
January 22, 2012


Friday, January 20, 2012

Spiritual Warfare From a Pro-Life Foxhole

I was sent a free copy of Steve Wood's CD called "Spiritual Warfare From a Pro-Life Foxhole" from Tiber River in exchange for my review. I was unfamiliar with Steve Wood and his agency called Family   Life Center International, but his title grabbed my attention immediately.  It comes as no surprise that I am Pro-Life and work towards ending abortion so this seemed an obvious pick for me. I'm so happy I picked it because I've listened to it over and over and gleaning something new from it each time.  Mr. Wood is a convert to the Catholic Faith and states right away, "We are in a world war unlike any of which that has ever been seen in the history of mankind.  We must view the world from a Pro-Life foxhole for our blinders are gone, no longer thinking we have a righteous government, that our society has a certain Christian props.  We've seen they're gone and seen the extent that the enemies of life will go to crush the Pro-Life Movement.  We are in a spiritual war."  A bold statement.

Mr. Wood shares 5 strategies to fight spiritual warfare in the abortion industry with the first being the most radical:  babies.  "This is the most overlooked strategy in fighting abortion," he concludes.  He uses scripture to show how much Jesus loves babies and pleads for us "to be generous in the service of life."  He believes that having babies is a way for the Pro-Life Movement to overcome it's opposition.  "Look to the future," he advises and recommends that you "open your heart to the Holy Spirit by asking Jesus if He would like to bring a child into existence, that never existed before, with an eternal destiny through you?"

The second strategy is: upholding the sanctity of marriage is directly related to upholding the sanctity of human life.   He boldly asserts that Satan is attempting to destroy the value of human life by attacking marriage through sexual sin.  Are we aware of Satan's designs?  Or ignorant of them?  We are most inclined to be tempted in this area of sexual immorality.  Sexual sin is a strike against marriage.  At the Reformation, marriage was denied as a sacrament and was given to Civil Government control but our nation has become more and more secular.  "Marriage went down with the state," he claims.  "It is no longer sanctified but contracted and contracts can be broken.  Make marriage a sacrament and special graces will be available to resist temptation and sin.  Human life will be valued as a precious gift if marriage is valued as a sacrament."

The third strategy is spiritual warfare prayer.  Revelation chapter 20 announces "that Satan has been loosed to deceive the nations."  St. Augustine wrote in his book, The City of God Book 20 chpt 6-16 an interpretation of Revelation Chapter 20.  Those who hear the Messiah's word come to life.  The pit has been opened in the 20th Century because Satan is no longer bound.  Pope Leo XIII Oct. 13, 1884 heard God and Satan talking about man and his boasting that he can deceive the church.  "I want the body of Christ" is what Satan has asked for (similar to Satan asking for Job).  Pope Leo XIII composed the Saint Michael Prayer to fight spiritual warfare.  "A restraint has been loosed that was previously bound and the demonic forces have been unleashed" according to Mr. Wood.

"The rock" is the fourth strategy whereby the church must stand firm and take action against the demonic assault.  He encourages us to read every papal encyclical of marriage, human life and the family ever written for this is where the attack is taking place.  Margaret Sanger seduced the Church of England into accepting contraception and abortion in the early 1900's.  These encyclicals are the rock's answer to it.  Mr. Wood asserts that the battle is on with "the rock verses the bottomless pit". These encyclicals explain how the church will withstand the demonic assault against it.

The last strategy is Mary.  The role Jesus and Mary have in God's plan for the war of the ages.  He acknowledges "that Christian love is that the more you love the capacity to love increases. Loving Mary does not take away from loving Jesus".  In fact, he goes on to show how biblically and through church history, Mary has played a role in the war of the ages by crushing the head of the serpent.  Praying the rosary assists in defeating Satan.  He claims that "God's plan has Jesus and Mary joined up in mortal combat against Satan."  Mr. Wood concludes his talk with this statement, "Any equipment in God's plan that He offers, I want."

I agree with Mr. Wood.  I too, want any weapons that God has to offer for eternal salvation.  This CD is perfect for opening one's eyes to how our society has been deceived in accepting abortion and then giving the listener tools in how to be a warrior for Christ.  Mr. Wood backs up his strategies through scripture and church history for the Catholic and non-Catholic.  He does not suggest that one must convert to Catholicism but he endeavors to enlighten the listeners to the tools already available through the Catholic Church.  Who, by the way, has been in the business of spiritual warfare longer than anyone else.

You can purchase your own Spiritual Warfare From a Pro-Life Foxhole CD through Aquinas & More Catholic Goods for $9.95.  I was given a free copy of this CD in exchange for my review by the free Catholic Book Review program of Aquinas & More.  No monetary compensation was given for my review.  Please check out Aquinas & More website for the latest books, CDs and sacramental gifts.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Pro Life Song

Father Francis Maple is using his God given talents to help the most vulnerable of our society.  He is singing to save the unborn.  Beware, this song brought me to tears!  Please consider spreading this Youtube video and posting it on your blogs.  I'm convinced we can save more babies this way!

My friend from across the pond first introduced me to Father Maple.  Vic from Time for Reflections is a gifted published writer whose humorous style leaves you wanting for more!!  He also has a soft spot for the unborn.  God Bless him!

Here is Father Maple's hauntingly beautiful song called Cry From the Heart:

Here are the lyrics:
Mommy keep me safe, mommy keep me warm
Handle me with care, mommy help me to form.

I am ten weeks old, and I know the time will come
when you will give birth to me.

The gift you gave me are a pair of bright blue eyes
So some day I will see you smile and love me.

I've already got my arms and a little podgy nose,
And at the end of my feet I've got five little toes.

I look forward to my life, ice cream and slimy snails,
teddy bears and little fairy tales.

Going for walks in the park
Running home before it's dark.
And being tucked into bed with a kiss.

Where are we going today?
Am I in a boat or bus?

Why are we lying down?
Being drawn on four wheels?

And we go through the door
and there's people dressed in green.
Everything seems so strange and so clean.

Mommy if they hurt you just let out a scream
and I know someone will come to help you and me.

Mommy what's going on I am starting to cry
Come quickly they are forcing me to die.

They are killing me mommy, they are pulling me apart
My arms and my legs and now they're at my heart.

And I won't see the sky, or the grass or the trees,
and I won't see the moon, or feel the breeze.

I love you mommy dear, you know I really do
But I only wish you could have loved me too!

This pro-life son written by Father Francis Maple has saved at least 20 babies.  Their mothers were considering abortion but changed their minds after hearing this son.

Jesus, save and protect the unborn!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The New Year Happenings & Prayer Request

The start of 2012 began with my birthday which is always fun.  And then quickly, it turned sad and stressful.  A dear friend of mine, died unexpectedly on Thursday, Jan 5th.  She was a single mom on disability raising an 11 year old boy who is friends with my son.  They went to school and scouts together.  I miss her a lot and still cannot believe Michelle is gone.  She was in her early 40's and had lived with Lupus for a long time.  Within the last 7-8 years she suffered 2 strokes which affected her ability to walk, stand and basically function.  You wouldn't know it she had a debilitating disease by her spirit.  Michelle was always smiling, happy and eager to chat.  Her son Joshua is a remarkable young man who seems like a young man, since he helped take care of his mother for all these years.

These last two days, I've been scrambling to help raise money for her funeral costs.  The funeral home has been extremely generous with waving their fees and only charging the cemetery cost but we still need $4,000.
I have to turn in what we have so far, to the funeral home this morning and we're only about 2/3 the way.

Please pray that the funeral home grants us one more day to come up with the difference.  Otherwise, Michelle will be cremated and that was not her wish nor her son's.

Please pray for Michelle's best friend Jane, who is arranging all the details and taking care of her son.  Jane is a mother of 6 already and loves Joshua as her own.

Please pray for Joshua that he is not uprooted from the family he knows.

Please pray for the repose of Michelle's soul.  My dear sweet friend who I will miss!


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year & Happy Solemnity of Mary

Here is a simple prayer I found from Loyola Press A Jesuit Ministry that I prayed this morning and would like to share.

God, thank you for a new year. 
May everyone in our family be willing to begin anew with a clean slate. 
We know that you are always ready to forgive us. 
Help us to be willing to forgive ourselves and to forgive one another.

As we begin a new year, remind us of our truest values and our deepest desires. 
Help us to live in the goodness that comes from doing what you want us to do. 
Help us to put aside anxiety about the future and the past, so that we might live in peace with you now, one day at a time.    Amen.

Historical background on the New Year's celebration:

I learned that celebrating the New Year was originally a pagan holiday to honor the god Janus.  "Janus was the Pagan Roman god of beginnings and endings and of gates and doors.  He was depicted having two faces with one face looking to what is behind and with one face looking toward what lies ahead.  The reasoning behind the symbolism of the two faces is that both gates and doors have two sides and to end something to start a new beginning one must pass through being on one side or the other not remaining in the middle."

The origin of Janus, a pagan god is attributed to an actual person in history.  He was the first king of Latium in ancient Rome, before Rome became a city.  His kingship was known for being honest and abundance for his people during a time of peace.  It was known as the "Golden Age" and his people requested blessings to Janus at the start of each day, month and year.  Janus was also made a martyr and became known as St. Januarius with his feast day on September 19th.

This practice was replaced many years ago by the church.  They instituted the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God which places honor on her son Jesus.  It is meant to commemorate Mary's role in the mystery of salvation.


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