Friday, April 12, 2013

Prison Ministry Cookies

As part of our Peace & Justice Ministry at my church, we participated in baking cookies for a 
Kairos Retreat to be held this week at a state prison.  
We were one of four churches who baked.  
We were given prison approved recipes that had to be precisely followed
and bagged in a certain way.  Or they wouldn't accept them.
We were given instructions to pray for the prisoners, guards and wardens 
while we prepped, baked and bagged the cookies.  
We prayed that the love of Jesus touch the hearts of the cookie recipients and may 
that love flow to the general population of prisoners.  
Our combined incredibly high goal was 36,000 cookies.
We new it was unattainable but we did our best!
My church baked 1,452 cookies!
The total combined number of baked cookies was approximately 4,800 cookies!
This was our first year joining this ministry so we were thrilled with this outcome!
It was a small dent into the high goal, but we were pleased.

I baked 9 dozen peanut butter cookies.
We've been asked to participate again for their next Kairos Retreat in the fall.
Perhaps we'll set a goal of 2,000 or more from our church this time.

Please remember to pray for the prisoners in your state correctional facilities!



  1. Oh, my gosh, what a neat ministry!! Wow, very cool!! I'm really impressed at all the baking you all did!! Great job Noreen!

  2. Noreen, how beautiful! You can reach so many people with food, especially homemade. And your cookies look just delicious! Thanks for the reminder to pray for those incarcerated. : )

  3. That is so awesome, Noreen! I love how you prayed for the prisoners who would eat them :)

  4. Noreen,

    I love this idea! What delicious looking cookies. I bet they are appreciated.

    My sister-in-law in England sends me copies of the Bible meditation booklets, Bible Alive. There is an associated ministry called Faith Alive which supports international prison outreach. I have heard so many grace-filled stories of 'ordinary' people befriending those in prison.

    God bless!

  5. What a wonderful ministry! It instantly made me think of Pope Francis when he washed the feet of inmates on Holy Thursday. Inspirational, indeed!

  6. Noreen, you are very inspiring! I'm in awe of the work you do for the unborn and, now, prisoners, too. Like Mary, I was moved by the way you prayed for the people who would eat them:-)

  7. What a beautiful way to reach out to those prisoners! God bless.