Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Children's Books about a Pope

I'm always looking for children's books that teach my students about Our Faith 
but they must be available through the library network.
Here are a few books about Pope John Paul II and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

Are there any other good books, to be found at a library, 
about past Popes in a picture book format?



  1. Noreen,

    It is impossible to find Catholic children's books in our libraries. The best they have are a few Christmas nativity picture books. There aren't many adult Catholic books either. Glad to hear you can get suitable books to use with your class! These ones look good.

    1. It is difficult! Most of the time my library does not have the books but I can get them through a participating interlibrary loan library. If that makes sense?

  2. I agree with Sue! I tell my husband that someday, when I have enough money, I'm going to donate a TON of Catholic books to our library :) We have Joseph and Chico, and I've seen the other two, but have yet to pick them up (I mean order them ;)

    1. What a good idea Patty! If the library's realize there is a demand for these kinds of books, then they would order them on their own.