Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pentecost Lesson Part 1

I've jumped ahead again in the liturgical calendar for my class since 
I won't have them during the actual feast days.  
I have one more class this coming Sunday and then our classes are finished.
I'm going to miss my sweet class!

We didn't get the chance to fully learn about Pentecost so we'll celebrate
 our church's birthday next week too. 

This is what we've done so far.

After our book work, we viewed a very silly yet informative DVD called 
The Bedbug Bible Gang Pentecost Party!
I found it through my inter library loan network system. 
It's an animated story of the very first Pentecost which includes the 
Fruits of the Spirit, and the story of Philip and the Ethiopian. 
 It's geared towards young children from 3-8 years, so
 it. is. silly. 
 I have a class of 6 & 7 year olds and they loved it. 
 Giggles and giggles and giggles.  
They sang the silly tunes but it worked.  
They were able to recall all the main points.

The Bedbug Bible Gang ®: Pentecost Party! DVD   -

My inspiration for our craft came from Dawn's at By Sun and Candlelight and 
Jessica's from Showers of Roses Pentecost Windsock.  
Thank you Dawn and Jessica!!

It took my students longer than I thought it would to create it.
It was a bit challenging for them in assembling it but it turned out very well 
since they helped each other.

Each flame listed a Fruit of the Spirit.
Jessica offers a free printable of it HERE.
Note:  I had made one hard copy and then shrunk it to 72% on my printer.
Thank you Jessica!!

I prepped the majority of the project and made the mistake of having 
too many color choices of ribbon :)

My students ended up with a rainbow assortment of colors which turned out really cute.
Yet took too much time to select.
I was concerned I didn't have enough red so I brought all I had from home including streamers.

I found these cute free bookmarks at Bible Story Printables.
They have many other cute ideas to teach the Fruits of the Spirit.

 I hope to make these cupcakes for our last class. 
I found then over at Catholic Cuisine.

And I will be spending time looking through Pinterest Pentecost 
for inspiration for next week's class.



  1. noreen!
    I love love love this!!

    Thank you so very much for sharing this amazing lesson!

  2. As always, you put some fabulous things together for faith formation! Some great ideas here that I would love to borrow for my son's Confirmation coming up in 2 weeks:) God bless you, Noreen!