Thursday, January 10, 2013

Making Love to Jesus

Yes, you heard me right.  

I used a politer term than what the main character is actually doing in this blasphemous movie.

Paradise: Faith is the second film in Seidl's trilogy of family and religious fanaticism.  And it won a special jury prize award at the Venice Film Festival last year.  It's already been released in Italy, Poland, Greece, and Norway.  It's scheduled to be released in Belguim, Netherlands, and Germany in March 2013.

Strand Releasing picked up the rights for distribution in the U.S.  It seems as if they will be releasing all three of the films this quarter:

Paradise: Love
Paradise: Faith
Paradise: Hope

Austrian movie director, Ulrich Seidl was asked about some disturbing scenes in Paradise: Faith involving the main character having carnal acts with a crucifix.  His response:

"It is right to show her doing this act using a cross as she is making love to Jesus."

I learned about this trilogy through America Needs Fatima.  You can go on Youtube and see a foreign trailer of it.  I didn't want to put this filth on my blog, but I did view the trailer.  

Please sign the petition by America Needs Fatima to stop the release of this blasphemous movie here in the U.S.

For more information, you can go HERE and HERE.



  1. Oh my goodness, Noreen! I had not heard anything about this. It's heartbreaking..and I wonder how Our Lord puts up with our world. There have been other blasphemous movies released in past years, but why do they keep making them? Surely they are only seen by a certain, limited group of people. I will go sign the petition, and also try to make reparation to Jesus in Eucharistic Adoration. God help us all!

  2. Thanks Patricia for responding. I've been horrified over this too. I just don't understand how people can sit by and allow this pure blasphemous garbage to be made and called art? I agree, I too, wonder how God puts up with us?

  3. Noreen, only in Heaven will we understand the depth and breadth of His Mercy and Patience and Love. Would anyone else put up with such a thing....any puny little human being? God is so holy, and such blasphemy is truly beyond sickening. These people have no fear of God at all, and I fear for their souls! Poor wonder He suffered so much in His Agony in the Garden. More and more it seems we must each try to be whatever light we can, and keep praying and trying to console His Sacred Heart more and more.

    I'm glad you are here..with your devotion to Our Lady, and your passion for the unborn. Bless you, Noreen! xoxo