Monday, January 7, 2013

Animated Rosary for Kids Review

I had the opportunity to review Animated Rosary for Kids DVD through the Tiber River Reviewer Program.  This is a 2 CD set, with two mysteries on each one.  As it states, this DVD is animated with a guardian angel called "Angelito" as our guide.  A narrator introduces each mystery and Angelito sets up the scene with explanations, practices that please Jesus and how to apply these lessons to your own life.  In essence, he highlights the main points of each mystery.  The pace of the prayers is great.  It's slow with a pause in the middle of each of them.  The viewer has the option to use the subtitles in English and Spanish if they wish.  During the prayers, the viewer sees numerous pictures that helps envision the mystery.  Perfectly appropriate for small children!  I also liked that at the end of each mystery they included, the Hail, Holy Queen Prayer and a mention to pray for Our Holy Father.

Animated Rosary for KidsWhat I think is missing is an introduction segment on the DVD or a pamphlet to be included in the set.  There is no explanation of the beginning prayers that's prayed at the beginning of a rosary.  This important information could be the introduction.  Also disappointing was that no one was even holding a rosary.  I didn't see one rosary throughout all 4 mysteries.  It was strictly focused on the mysteries which is great, almost like a mini bible study.  But for a new learner, there must be an option to learn how to pray the rosary in full.  I'm sure it was a matter of time constraints, but each mystery included the introduction of the mystery, Angelito's comments, one Our Father, one Hail Mary, The Glory Be and Fatima Prayer.  The viewer needs to know the beginning prayers and that for each mystery, there are 10 Hail Mary's prayed, not just one.

A problem I had with this DVD is the lack of clarity for the singing between the mysteries.  I showed this DVD to my son and he too, was unable to decipher the lyrics of the song.  One last issue involved the praying of each and every Hail, Holy Queen.  The reciters were out of sync which created a bit of an echo.

Would I recommend this DVD, absolutely.  The parent or teacher who uses this DVD, will need to instruct the children on the full rosary.  I did just that, when I showed it to my first graders.  They loved Angelito!  And had many questions of the mysteries.  It created curiosity, excitement and yearning to know more.  It was effective!  The children can learn a great deal about the bible by viewing it and how to apply these lessons to their daily lives.  You can go to Aquinas and More to purchase your own copy!

I was given a free copy of this DVD for my honest review.  All of the above stated opinions are my own.



  1. Hi Noreen,
    Do you think this DVD would help a 9-year-old or just young children? I keep coming back to look at this because it sounds like a great tool for kids. My daughter has a Rosary book but this just looks so interesting.

    (To be honest, I'd try anything if it would get my daughter to enjoy praying the Rosary.)

  2. Not knowing your daughter, I would still think it's age appropriate. She's probably on the upper age for this DVD since Angelito it a cute little guardian angel. But the explanations are great on what's happening in each mystery.

    She may also think, "I only have to pray one Hail Mary for each decade, great!" Have to explain it's a demonstration more than a full rosary.

  3. Thanks for your thoughts on this, Noreen.