Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Jesus, the Son of a Rapist Roman Soldier?

A new movie is in the works, I believe still in the writing process, based off of the book, jesus of nazareth (meant to be in lower caps) written by Paul Verhoeven.  Have you heard of him?  Or of his book?  I've not until today.


A quote from William Doehring of the Examiner states:

"the film is based on the work of prominent Biblical theologians such as Rudolf Bultman and Raymond Brown, and the members of the Jesus Seminar, a group of biblical scholars whose research focuses on constructing an accurate portrait of the historical Jesus, one who was more ethicist and radical prophet than Son of God."

He goes on to say:

" filmmaker Paul Verhoeven wishes to reveal Jesus as man and politician, who is more similar to us and other great political leaders throughout history."

In 1985, the Jesus Seminar group started as "a project out of Westar Institute" where they make decisions of the life of Jesus by voting.  By consensus, they decide that:

 Jesus is not the Son of God
Jesus can not perform miracles
Mary was raped by a Roman Soldier and became pregnant with Jesus
Jesus was not resurrected

In fact, they believe Jesus to be a radical prophet, politician and ethicist. 

Pure garbage designed to confuse and cause doubt about who Jesus really is!  The work of the devil and it must not go unchallenged.  To sign an online petition to stop production of this blasphemous movie go HERE.

To read more, please go Christian Film and Television Commission and Huffington Post.



  1. What?!?
    Are these people talking about our Jesus Christ, Jesus of Nazareth?? I think they have him confused with someone else. That movie sounds like a nightmare come alive. Where these people consuming large doses of narcotics?

  2. That is just so disgusting! The human mind can be so filthy sometimes!

    And the sad thing is: they'd never get away with it if it were any other religion but Christianity.

    (I really hate when they draw Mother Mary into their filth - there is something sooo perverse about that.)