Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bible Stories That End With A Hug Review

My latest review from Tyndale House Publishers is a sweet children's bible called Bible Stories That End With A Hug by Stephen Elkins.  Mr. Elkins is a Grammy Award nominated record producer and a multi-million selling children's author and songwriter.  His background includes being the founder and owner of a Christian media company called Wonder Workshop that specializes in children's books, audio and DVDs.

As the title states, each chapter ends with hug time between child and reader.  My overall first impression is that I loved the illustrations by Simon Taylor-Kielty.   Love the color combination and softness of the images which is perfect for small children.  There are a total of 74 chapters in his book.  Each chapter is 2 pages in length with an illustration on the first side that also includes the theme, the bible book and a scripture verse.  The second side gives a brief explanation of the main idea of each book then asks two questions.  The questions help to enhance understanding and check comprehension.  Following the questions is a brief reflection to sum up the book.  To further imprint the meaning of the chapter, Mr. Elkins includes "hug time" on the right sidebar.  The last page of the book is called Heavenly Hugs with a prayer to praise God.  A perfect ending for this delightful children's book.

Unfortunately, the author neglected to include the most important event in the life of Jesus.  The story of the Last Supper is in the book and then it jumps to the resurrection of Jesus.  No mention of His crucifixion.  First Jesus is having dinner with His apostles and explaining Communion then next, He's risen from the dead.  I'm assuming the author opted not to include this story due to the suffering and violence inflicted on Jesus. However, I feel that Mr. Elkins could have done it carefully for young children.  This book is certainly meant for little children so perhaps they won't miss how Jesus died but an older child will.  The most important event in all of history should have been included for without it, the gates of Heaven would never be opened for us.  Big mistake on Mr. Elkins part and it directly effects my rating.

Tyndale publishers sent me this book for my honest review.  No monetary compensation was given for my honest feedback.



  1. I just bought this book at Sam's club the other day, we've only read one night, I have not yet checked all the way through it, I didn't know they skipped the Crucifixion....hmmmmm...that's too bad. Otherwise, so far, I like the book, it's more for my 3 year old than even the 6 year old, it's pretty simple.

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    2. It does irk me that he didn't include the Crucifixion of Jesus. It's such a cute book for little children and they too, need to know about the Passion of Christ. Perhaps I will contact him directly and see what he says?