Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Donny!!

I can hardly believe that my son turned 11 years old this weekend!!  My camera wasn't working so I was unable to take any birthday pictures at our family party but this is a recent one from last month.

When I think of my son on his birthday, there is an overwhelming flood of emotions.  Mostly, I am so grateful to God for entrusting us with our son.  Donny is full of life, silliness, joy and curiosity.  He's a hard working student who gets good grades, is willing to help others and as his teacher calls him "a quiet leader in the classroom." 

There is also a sense of sadness that he is growing up too quickly.  If only I could slow down the process a bit... enjoy each moment more...and keep it in my memory.  It hasn't been that long since he first started school, or learned to ride his bike, or was potty trained but it feels like a lifetime ago. 

Regret is another emotion I feel for my son, only because we were never able to have another baby.  I deeply regret that he has no brothers or sisters.  When we get together with my siblings and their children for family parties, I think... he won't have any siblings to get together with for Christmas, Easter or birthdays.  I've already spoken to my sisters about this issue and this is also why I want my son to grow up close to his cousins so he can join them for the holidays as he grows into adulthood.  That his cousins, will be a part of his life after my husband and I have passed on. 

I really do worry about this because I don't want him feeling lonely in adulthood.  I have my brother and two sisters and we're close.   I want to be involved in my nieces and nephew's lives for my sake as well as my son's.  Family is very important and it's not always easy, but they are your support and gifts from God.  We must treasure them.

OK I'm feeling a bit melancholy here so I must stop... my story of infertility is for another day.  I want to be happy that I have a healthy 11 year old son!

God Bless,


  1. God bless Donny on his birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday and God bless him!!!

    You have to remember that God has a plan for him and having siblings was not in His plan (yet?) and it is part of what will make him who he is and who he becomes.

    My son is the oldest and followed by 4 girls. It has been challenging for sure. He would have loved a brother to play with, instead of 4 screaming girls, but God has a plan and it's all for a reason that we don't see now.

    Maybe he will be a great husband because of all these girls, or maybe he will be a priest and say "the heck with girls!" hahah!

    Anyway....God bless him and you!

  3. Happy Birthday to your son! I'm kind of in the same boat. My son just turned 5, and we're having a really hard time having another baby. I worry about his growing up alone. I know we love him and are truly blessed with him, though, so I can be content if that is God's will for our family.

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  4. Happy Birthday Donny!! There couldn't be a finer day of the year to be born. I shall think of you every time I celebrate my own birthday.

    You have a beautiful family, Noreen. Yes, children grow up much too fast. I have been very fortunate because I have been able to experience all the different growing stages all over again with successive children.

    I am sorry to hear you have infertility problems, Noreen. You have been so full of empathy and kind words when we have been talking about the death of my son, Thomas. You never mention your own problems. You are a beautiful, generous person. Thank you, my friend, for always listening to my sorrows when you bear hidden sorrows of your own. God bless!

  5. You KNOW his cousins will always be close to him! You're a great mom and your bond with him is special! Be careful what you wish for though, he may have 10 kids!!! ;)

  6. He might not have any siblings but he has cousins who love him as a brother!! We were blessed to be raised in an amazing family! The values we grew up with are ones we still strongly believe in and family is more than just siblings. I think there is a reason why all of our kids are pretty close in age.
    Hope you are having a wonderful mother's day! I know how much your family loves you and appreciates everything you do!!