Monday, May 30, 2011

Keys of the Kingdom Review

I was given the opportunity to review a Bible Based PC Game produced by Inspired Media & Entertainment Company.   The mission of Inspired Media Games is to spread the Word of God to as many people as possible through various forms of media entertainment.  I was specifically sought out because I am a Catholic Blogger and my faith comments are at the end of this review

The name of the game I chose was Keys of the Kingdom which is rated E for everyone.  This is a 100 level brain teaser logic game for the family to be played at home on their computer.   Yes, it has 100 levels of challenges which increase in difficulty as the levels go up.  My son and I played the game at times separately and other times together.  We did complete the 100 levels of this game.  At first glance, I noticed the appealing computer graphics of the large knight guarding the entrance to each level and the player's little knight on a horse in the corner.  The background music is peaceful that allows for concentration on figuring out the process of moving bricks.

The premise of this game is to help Sir Lancelot, our hero, outsmart the evil king by moving colored bricks from one space to another to open a path which leads the key to the lock.  Once you've manipulated the blocks and brought the key to the lock, the lock is opened and you can move on to the next level.  This brain teaser game uses bombs, scales and pulleys, and floating bricks which can be moved in the direction your key needs to go. 

Children with strong visual spatial intelligence will do well with this game.  For us challenged in that area, the game has a view solution button that you can click on to show you how to work the specific level.  It's great because you can replay it as often as you'd like and slow it down to show you move by move.   If you notice you're moves will not bring the key to the lock, you can click on the undo button to go back one step or press the restart button to try it all over again.  What's also great is that this game is not timed and you can replay each level as often as it takes to get it right.

In between each level, the player is brought to a page with a bible verse with two options.  The player can click on continue and move on to the next level or click on the "Know God" button and go to Don't Be Left Behind Website.   It was developed by All About God Ministries with the intention of leading people to Jesus Christ.  

This game was fun and at times very challenging that led to some degree of frustration.  We enjoyed playing it overall and would recommend the game.  I am not endorsing the All About God Ministries since I disagree with their statement of faith and their view on the Roman Catholic Church.  I applaud Inspired Media & Entertainment for developing a PC Game that seeks to spread the Word of God, but I want to be clear, I do NOT agree with All About God Ministries.

Please note:  this is not a Catholic ministry and in fact, they state on their website "they are not affiliated with any organization or denomination though they work with some."  I wouldn't say they are boldly anti-Catholic, yet, under their world religion page they list Roman Catholicism and state what they feel are the problems with my religion.  This ministry believes they have the truth based on solid, fundamental Christian doctrine and it all must be found in the bible.  Bottom line is that the people behind All About God Ministries do not believe in Sacred Tradition or any organized religion for that matter.

This Bible Based PC Game was provided to me through Inspired Media & Entertainment; I received no monetary compensation for my review.

God's Blessings,

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