Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My First Blog Encounter with Someone Trying to Save My Soul

I had some spare time yesterday and was blog hopping and I came across one blog link and it peaked my curiosity and posted a comment on her blog post.  She responded quickly back with a comment but I'm only sharing this part:

By the way, I love peoples souls and would encourage you to take a look at my church's Catholicism article:  http://atruechurch.info/catholicism.html  -  It goes into the history of Catholicism and why it's false.  Please do check it out...I don't want you to end up in Hell like the rest of the world.  Feel free to ask me any questions about the article.  The website also has a phone number that you can call and ask questions.
Thanks for commenting :)

I realize that she means well and is concerned for my eternal life and to be honest, I was not offended when I read it.  I did go onto her church's website and it SCREAMS anti-Catholicism and that's what this church teaches.  You really can't miss it because the article's title is Roman Catholicism Leads to Hell.  It's written by a man named Darwin Fish who started this church some time ago.  Apparently, he went through a number of different faiths and has come to the conclusion that : masses of people are in the grip of the Roman Catholic Church. This is a death grip.  He feels compelled to expose the false teachers of our world.

This isn't the only religion he's against.  In fact, any Lutheran or Protestant faith is equally guilty of being a false religion.  I must say, Mr. Fish does a good job at using scripture and the Catechism to back up his judgements on the Catholic faith.  In fact, he does an exhaustive list of scripture backing up his opinions.  Plus, he denies that Sacred Tradition and the Early Church Fathers are relevant so I guess it took 2,000 years for this man alone to get it right?  He understands better than the apostles of Jesus?  What the apostles of Jesus passed on to the disciples is somehow erroneous?

This man has created his own church and thinks he alone understands the word of God.  He has a following of 50 people and has them believing they are the only ones who are going to Heaven. 

All I can say is, I will pray for him and his followers.

God Bless,


  1. Wow!
    You know, our names have deep meanings, God knew us before we were born. His name is Darwin. His parents made a poor choice.

    hahah! That was my first thought.

    Just pray for the guy.
    It's funny how every religion believes to be the "one".

    My parents joined the SSPX (Society of Pius X) 4 years ago and believe they are the 3rd secret of Fatima and anyone else is going to Hell. Seriously, they are constantly trying to save my soul. (they are pre-Vatican II) They don't think anyone in the graveyard behind our house are in heaven, because it's not a Catholic graveyard.

    See? Almost cult-like isn't it?

    That is what this guy sounds like, a cult leader.

    I wouldn't give him the time of day by going to his website anymore and just pray for him.

  2. Hi Noreen,
    Very interesting I haven't heard of this guy but their is always someone trying to say their way is the only way into heaven. Stay true to your self and your beliefs as that is what matters to you. I am Lutheran so I guess according to this guy I am not going to be saved. But I will continue to pursue my faith my way and we will find out in the end who is right:)

  3. Hi Noreen, I haven't followed the link and read the article so my comment is general. Years ago I had a discussion with an anti-Catholic person who was trying to turn me away from the church. She had lots of scriptural 'evidence' against the Church. But I found out that her religion's Bible had been altered. All the bits they didn't like were eliminated or altered slightly to give a different meaning. The printed word cannot be relied on sometimes. Although I know that the article will be unconvincing to me, I am still tempted to have a look to see how Darwin Fish has come to his conclusions.

    I always love that quote where Jesus orders his disciples to go out into the world and to TELL all nations about the Good News. I'm useless at exact quotes and references. He didn't say write everything down. I'm sure Sacred Tradition is equally as important as scripture.

    Interesting discussion, Noreen!

  4. Dear Noreen,
    Yes I think you have been most gracious in your responce to this.
    This seems to be a common htread in society today.
    I actually love Sue's quote about Jesus and the telling fo the good news.
    Have a blessed day

  5. wow
    love the comments by your readers!

  6. haha...yes pray for him!
    I'm sorry someone had the audacity to send you a comment like that. As Christians we all supposed to love oneanother. I guess this just illustrates that fact that we are all sinners so have no room to judge one another.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I will wait for your blog to follow :)

  7. Great blog, Noreen!

    I get comments like these on occasion also and I do what you do - pray for the person. Until the Holy Spirit breaks through the hardness in the person's heart our words don't seem to have effect so I always pray that the Holy Spirit sends His light before answering. Sometimes our words will come back to the person later on after the Spirit softens them a bit. I feel compassion for folks like these who believe that God is so unloving that He sends most people to hell. How sad!
    They have forgotten the law of love.

    Thanks for asking about the blog ring "Blogging for Jesus"! I left you the information on my site under your comment. Let me know if you have any other questions. God bless!