Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Role Modeling to my Son

Today I had to bring my son in for a doctor appointment and as it so happens, his doctor is in the same building as the abortion clinic.  Now that I know this, I took it as an opportunity.  We arrived about 10 minutes early and I prepped my son with these words "before we go into your doctor's office, we will go to the locked gate of the abortion clinic and pray.  If someone comes out and asks what we are doing, we will respond peacefully that we're praying." 

I brought my holy water and used some of it on the door trim by making the sign of the cross.  We prayed straight from our hearts asking God to touch the hearts of the doctors and staff as well as the young women who enter their doors.  Our Lord's Prayer, a Hail Mary Prayer and then my son suggested The Glory Be Prayer were also done.

We said our prayers and returned to our doctor's office without being approached.  I have to say it was a bit unnerving being outside the locked gate entrance but I knew what we were doing was right.  We couldn't even get down to the actual office door, they have their hallway blocked off by a locked gate. 

That locked gate speaks volumes... I hope that it means prayerful men and women have been praying and gently protesting to stop abortion.  I don't agree with hard tactics or violence.  I believe Jesus calls us to stand for truth and to speak out in love.

I am joining my friend Trish today at L.A.C.E.  You can visit her too at:

God Bless,


  1. Hello Noreen,
    thanks for linking up to LACE today.
    I applaud you and your son for praying at the gates like that!
    How awful, to think that infants are being killed in the same building that your son's doctor's surgery is in.
    A black room serves to promote healing and life and the other serves death.
    Your example to your son is powerful.
    He will never forget praying at those locked gates for the innocent babies!
    May we all 'never forget' this holocaust in our midst!

  2. I agree. That locked door speaks volumes. I am anti-abortion too. I can't imagine how some people condone it and how some mothers actually find it in their hearts to do it. I've always believed that children are blessings. I'm praying with you.

  3. Thanks for your comments on my blog about Grace's feeding therapy. Unfortunately I think it will be a long process to get her to feed herself and eat solid foods.

    I am proud of you for taking that stand with your son and praying at the gates of the abortion clinic. It is so sad to me that that is the only answer some women feel they have. I have no condemnation for them only pain at their choice.

    Happy belated birthday to your son!! I pray that he never feels like he missed out on something because he doesn't have siblings. You may find comfort in praying that God blesses him with a best friend for life that is closer than a sibling.

    Hope you all have a great weekend.

  4. Your post is inspiring as I need to get down to our local PP to pray for the victims of abortion. We pray for the unborn and their mothers in our family prayers, but I need to go to the clinics. Thank you for praying, I'm praying with you too!

  5. Wow-what a great thing you did! You know your prayers were heard.

  6. Thank you for all of your support by blogging friends!

    Trish - I know what you mean because once I learned that there is a doctor in the same building I take my son who does abortions... my skin crawls a bit. And I agree, this is a holocaust of the unborn that needs our daily prayers!

    Janice - are your sweet Ziggy is your newest blessing! I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day with your childre!

    Anne - I feel as you do about feeling pain about the mother's decision to think they have no other alternative. These mothers need our prayers desperately. Thank you for the birthday wishes for my son!

    Tracy- you have a local PP too? It disturbs me on a deep level that abortion clinics are all around the world. If not in your town, one next to it. I need to make an effort to go on a regular basis.

    Kpdillon- I would like to storm heaven with these prayers! Raise the rooftops! I'd like to think that having my son pray there with me was even more powerful than if it was just me.

  7. I know your prayers were heard!! Your spiritual journey is very inspiring!! You truly are following Jesus!

  8. Excellent! What a great example for your son. I agree that it is possible and preferable to oppose abortion without violent techniques.

  9. Irish3- thank you for your kind words!

    Barb- thank you for your support. It was a bit unnerving having him there with me in the case of being confronted but I knew we were doing the right thing! I need to make it a weekly habit if possible.

  10. Awesome Noreen! What courage!!

    Did you read "Unplanned"... She talks about a fence too...Worth the read...

  11. Good for you for doing this, Noreen!

    God bless & keep you,


  12. Patty- I did read Unplanned and I remember her talking about the fence too. It's an eye opening story into the world of Planned Parenthood. Did you know there is now an Unplanned DVD? Tracy from A Slice of Smith Life is giving one away and I think today is the last day to enter. You should check out her blog.

    Thanks for your support Margaret!