Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Call to Prayer

One of my new blogging friends aussieannie had posted a novena request for her beautiful friend Melinda who was struggling with advanced renal cancer.  I was praying for her and I checked back on Anne's website Under Her Starry Mantle and learned that Melinda had passed away. 

I didn't know this woman but my heart aches for her 6 children who will grow up without their mother. 

Please keep Melinda's family in your prayers as they try and move on with their lives.

Another Call to Prayer:
There's some trouble brewing in the Chicago Archdiocese between Cardinal Francis George and Reverend Pfleger.  I've been seeing news stories for the last month or so about Rev. Pfleger unwillingness to leave his St. Sabina Church which he has led for the past 30 years on the south side of Chicago.  His congregation loves him and he probably has done many great acts of service for his parishioners and I understand about connecting with a parish priest.  His congregation is speaking out boldly how they want him to stay in their parish but Cardinal Francis George wants him relocated to be the President of the Leo Catholic High School.  Rev. Pfleger reportedly has said to the media "if he is forced to leave St. Sabina, he will leave the Catholic Church."

I think what's happened here is that Rev. Pfleger has lost his focus on Jesus and has centered his church on himself.  Rev. Pfleger has become an idol to his parishioners.  You can't give an ultimatum if you don't get your way!  Can you imagine Jesus' response to one of his disciples if they gave him an ultimatum?  Or if the disciple went to the masses to fight Jesus?  I'm not saying that Cardinal Francis George is on a level with Jesus, but there is a hierarchy in the Catholic Church and it's for good reason.  It's worked for 2,000 years and it shouldn't be altered now.

What bugs me about this is that it puts a negative light on the Catholic Church.  I won't go on and vent about it.... all I will say is,  he needs prayer to remember he is called to be a holy priest and to obey the Will of God. 

Check out the most recent story:  Cardinal Francis George suspends Rev. Pfleger

God Bless,


  1. Hi Noreen, I can see you have made lots of Aussie friends! It is so good to be able to be connected, and to care and pray for each other wherever we are in the world. I will keep Melinda and her family in my prayers.

    Yes, obedience comes before everything. How could Rev. Pleger consider leaving the Catholic Church? God bless!

  2. I shall pray for the repose of the soul of Melinda. and for her family.

  3. Praying praying praying...One soul laid to rest, another soul in jeopardy.


  4. Hey Noreen,
    As a P.S. (and hopefully you don't take that to mean I'm being a PeSt)

    Did you know that there's a birth control ad at the bottom of this post???

    Yikes! :) Just thought I'd help out on the neighborhood watch. It was Foot Locker, and then it switched to Essure...

  5. Sue- it's wonderful that through the internet, we can be blessed with blogging friends around the world! Do you know Aussieannie? I can't recall if I met her through you?

    Gardenia- thank you for your kind and praying heart!

    Patty- you would never be a PeSt :) and I know that birth control ads have been popping up from time to time. I have no control over the ads... I've tried to remove them to no avail. I'm not sure what to do?

  6. Fr. Pfleger has issues besides disobedience (I hate to speak ill of a Catholic priest, but really he is not very catholic-- with a small c). He has formed many of his own opinions and voiced them as the Church's.

  7. Prayin for everyone involved:)

  8. It's always sad when the actions of one person reflects on the church. It just requires that our lights shine a bit brighter with integrity and joy. Ultimately, the devil never wins.

    Praying for the children left without a mother...