Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Giveaway!!

Wait on the Lord Blessing Bracelet Giveaway!

Isn't this bracelet just beautiful?!  The designer of this gorgeous bracelet is Shannon from It's a Blessing and today I first learned of her Etsy shop through From Snowflakes to Hotcakes.  Shannon is also a blogger at It's a Blessing Blog and she originally opened up her Etsy shop "to help with her family income and to raise the financial means for her husband to return to the missions organization he feels led to serve in." 

This amazing jewelry designer is a mother to 5 children and a foster mom to 2 more.  As a mother of 7 children (I know many of you can relate) she is busy with being a wife, a mommy and the running of her household.  I can't imagine how she finds the time with her creative jewelry business?! 

But that's not all, her jewelry is special because they come with bible verses.  Her love for Jesus is shown through her designs and how wonderful to help support her family by selling her jewelry to bless us all!

Here are my other favorites:

A New Life Blessing Bracelet

Scripture Scarf Flowers Fall

Yes, she also knits scarves and adds beads to the bottom corner and she makes them in several colors.

This Giveaway ends May 31st so you have time to enter HERE .   All of the rules can be found at Snowflakes to Hotcakes blog to win!  Of course feel free to purchase items if you so choose :)

Good luck and God Bless!


  1. what a beautiful bracelet and I love the scraf. i shall have to check this out. thanks. I grabbed your lovely button, Noreen!!

  2. Thanks for the info on the giveaway. love the bracelet!

  3. I know aren't they gorgeous?!? And her prices are very reasonable so I may end up making a purchase or two.

    Gardenia- thanks for grabbing my button! It's new and it was made for me by Lynda from My Hearts Desire and of NOBH. Are you familiar with No Ordinary Blog Hop? I can't recall if I've seen you link up there or not?? It's managed by three wonderfully kind, supportive and caring Christian women. If you link up and post, they're big supporters of you back. I need to grab the rest of their buttons or do some kind of blog roll.

    Shanda- I hope you enter the giveaway and win! They're all so lovely and unique.

  4. Thank you, Noreen! I love to support other Catholic Moms and her gifts are just beautiful. I will be popping over to check it out:-)

  5. Thanks for popping by.

    Following back.

  6. Hi Noreen! Beautiful bracelets, huh? Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! If we get any chicks they are supposed to go to my Mom who has 30+ chickens and a "Coop Palace". However, I'm not sure the kids will follow this plan if they hatch. ;)


  7. Thanks for posting about this giveaway. I just went over and entered.

  8. I agree Tiffany we should support each other as much as we can and posting someone else's giveaway is a simple way of doing just that.

    Jessy - Did you enter the giveaway. It would be so fun if someone I knew through the blogging world won it! Are you willing to keep any of the chicks? If your children are old enough to take care of them... perhaps it's a good way to give them a new responsibility? We would never have them because my dog wouldn't leave them alone!

    Terra - I hope you win!