Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lenten Revelations

I've slowed down on my blogging during Lent so that I could focus more on my family and enriching my faith life.  Plus during this time, my volunteer activities at my son's school has picked up dramatically.  I'm one of two VPs of Hospitality at my son's school which I've loved doing these past years but it's a very busy end of the year... all during Lent.  This is what I've been filling my days with these last couple of weeks:

*I've organized our Crossing Guard Breakfast for the eight crossing guards that work to keep our children safe on their way to and from school each day. 

*We have a big Open House/Ice Cream Social that's on Holy Thursday of all days.  (My son goes to a public school or this would never have been scheduled on this day.)  This is a big event that we plan for 300+ students and their families.  I'm working on the kitchen duties - getting enough ice cream for 400+ students and families. 

*Then, our school fundraiser is coming up in a couple of weeks and I'm organizing the food which means contacting local business for food donations.  Not an easy job and fortunately, I have a couple of friends who are helping in this area.   

During this same time, I've finished reading Abby Johnson's book called Unplanned.  Wow, her story is a conversion similar to Saul.  She went from one extreme to the other... pro-choice to pro-life.  Very outspoken in each position and now that she's unveiled the deception behind Planned Parenthood, I think there is hope for the unborn of our country!    Then I came across this wonderful you tube video from Students for Life and their work on the Pro-Life Movement.  These are college students... I had no idea this generation even favored Pro-Life.  God is working in this generation!  Check out their video:
The Tide is Turning:  Students for Life in America

I also just learned yesterday that my town has 3 abortion clinics... yes, I typed that correctly, 3.  I was heartbroken yet inspired because a group of women were praying in front of one of them and I stopped to chat with them.  I came home and immediately called a couple of friends and we feel called to act on this knowledge.  We will join them on their prayer vigils but we want to do more.  My friend suggested, we write a letter to our Mayor and Alderman about our city having 3 abortion clinics.  We live near Chicago so I guess it shouldn't be too surprising, but I was shocked. 

So, my Lenten Revelation is that I must not sit idley by while babies are being aborted.  I feel God is calling me to become active in a loving and peaceful method to end this evil.

Please pray for us that we can be a peaceful part of ending abortion in our city and in our nation.

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  1. Hi Noreen, I've missed you during Lent, though I understand. You have more self-discipline than me. Good to read today's post. I can see you have found your apostolate: pro-life. I am sure God has work for us all. Mine, as you know, is grief. I am hoping to get more involved with the Hannah's Tears Apostolate. Back to pro-life issues: I met up with one of Imogen's friends a few days ago. She hopes to go to university next year in Aust and later travel to the US to join the Sisters of Life (I hope I've got that right). She has aspirations to return to Australia and start an order here. Wouldn't that be wonderful? I will have to find out more about the Sisters. God bless.