Monday, April 18, 2011

No Shame... Bold As Can Be...

Who or what has no shame or is bold as can be?  Dimenions Medical Center in Illinois.  Outside one of these sites is where I saw women praying for an end to abortion.  I googled this medical center and clear as day they list abortion as a medical service.  See for yourself.   Dimensions Medical Center 

Right under my nose this has been happening.  I wonder how many other people are going about their daily business unaware of this evil happening in our town?  This doctor going undetected for quite some time until a group of women from the North West Families for Life who has made it their mission to end abortion.

We must pray for an end to abortion and for those involved in this process that God may open their eyes to harm they are doing to the most fragile of our nation.  We must also pray for those who value the unborn's life to stand up for what is right and follow the Will of God.

God Bless,


  1. Oh Noreen:( I'm so sorry to hear about the atrocities at home...We don't have an abortion mill in our town, but we pray often in our neighboring town that has one...

  2. There's a beauty in praying for an end for abortion. I add my prayers to theirs.


  3. We have a local Planned Parenthood in our town :(
    Praying with you for this madness called "choice" to end!

  4. I went into the building on Good Friday to visit another doctor for my son and I approached the entrance of the abortion clinic and prayed. I didn't go in because there was a locked gate in the hallway on their office suite. I guess you have to be buzzed in but regardless, I prayed outside it for awhile.