Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Disturbing Moment

I was driving in my car today and half-listening to Moody Radio until the speaker made a shocking comment regarding Mary which drew my full attention.  He was talking of the early miracles of Jesus and specifically the Wedding of Cana.  I'm paraprashing a bit but this is what he said, "The Roman Catholics believe that Mary appears throughout the world at different times, if your a Protestant you believe that Jesus has made appearances in our world.  I'm sorry to tell you that the inference that Mary is an intercessor to Jesus is false.  Mary is living a joyous life in heaven and can not hear your prayers.  Nor has she or does she appear to people throughout time.  At the Wedding of Cana when she mentioned to Jesus that they had run out of wine and Jesus then proceeded to perform his miracle did not mean Mary interceded to her son.  Nor that Jesus did it because his mother asked.  Mary had a special role in bearing the Messiah but she is sinful like the rest of us."

I came home and immediately looked online to see the face to who was speaking and it's Dr. Erwin Lutzer from Running To Win

Today's rosary intention is going for you Dr. Lutzer that Jesus may open your heart to the special role God has given Mary to us.


  1. Hello Noreen,
    I found your comment on my blog regarding LACE and the suitability of your posts.
    I am very happy for you to join us!
    I would love it if you had some good news to share about the progress of Pro-Life eg. answers to prayer etc.
    It is indeed, a very serious subject but there must be some joy and hope to encourage others with too :-)
    I look forward to your post if you decide to particpate in this little meme!
    God bless you.Trish
    ps. I'm sad to hear what the speaker said about Mary. It is a typical approach from one who has not yet seen the beauty of Our Lady.

  2. It can really hurt to hear false things said about Our Dear Mother, can't it? When I get all upset I realise just how much I have grown in love for Mary. It's like hearing a member of one's own immediate family criticised: the hackles go up and I think, "How dare he! That's my family he's talking about." Also, I feel sad that Dr Lutzer does not know Mary as his mother. And I am so very thankful that God gave me the gift of Faith, which Dr Lutzer may attain with the aid of our prayers.

    Look at all your followers, Noreen! Wow! I write away quietly while my friend makes her mark in the blogging world. I am so pleased for you!

  3. Thank you Trish for your encouragement. That's one of the reasons I enjoy your blog... it's a place to celebrate the joy of living as children of God!

    Sue- thank you for your support as always! The followers have grown due to blog hopping. I've spent some time doing so and meeting wonderful women both Catholic and non-Catholic. I'm trying to make these connections meaningful and not just to increase my followers.