Saturday, March 26, 2011

Prayer Intentions & Random Thoughts

This is the beginning of Spring Break for many of my family and friends and some of them are traveling.  Please keep all of the Spring Break Families who are going on vacation in your prayers so they are safe among the many highways, airways and waterways that they are traveling. 

Everyday, I'm still noticing many rosaries hanging in cars from their rear view mirrors.  I pray that these same people are also using it and not just using it as a decoration or statement of faith.  Many blessings and graces come from meditating on the gospels by praying the rosary.

I've noticed one hanging in the car of Shorty from the Animal Planet Show called Pit Boss.  I pray that he too, prays those prayers instead of decorating with them.

Where I don't like seeing rosaries is when they're used as a necklace by young men.  I see it on TV and have no idea why they're wearing it?  I pray that they're not desecrating something holy but that they love Jesus and His mother who is our mother.

Sometimes praying the rosary feels overwhelming with the many intentions I want it to go for:
my family and friends,
the families in our church and our parish priest and deacons,
Pope Benedict XVI and the Bishops of the Vatican,
the families in our neighborhood and my son's school,
for our soldiers who are defending our country,
conversion of all sinners,
peace for the world,
those suffering in Japan,
those who are considering abortion,
those who've made the decision and for those who perform them,
those who are homeless, hungry and hurt,
those who are lonely,
for fallen away Catholics
and for those who are against the Catholic Church.

The list can seem endless at times because of the society we live in.  In fact, I was listening to the radio recently about The War on Terror and I had offered up a prayer for all of the innocent people who are affected by this war and for our soldiers. 

And I heard/felt/thought in my head, pray for Osama Bin Laden.

Immediately, I thought, "WHAT?"  Then I remembered reading Corrie Ten Boom's book called The Hiding Place, many years ago and after her family was discovered harboring Jewish families during WWII, they were all arrested and she and her sister were sent to a concentration camp.  I recall in her book she said they should pray for the concentration camp guards, that THEY needed the most prayer of all for the evil they were doing. 

So, after the initial shock, I obeyed the Holy Spirit and offered up a prayer Osama Bin Laden.


  1. Hi Noreen, yes it's easy and natural to pray for those we love or the innocent. Harder to pray for those who cause so much evil and unrest in the world, those who really need our prayers so very much.

    Just stopped in to enjoy your posts. I loved the story about the submarine. What a wonderful experience! God bless.

  2. Well, I'm Going out this week. Thats cool.

  3. That is awesome! You and Sue are right... it is so much easier to pray for and be kind to those who are kind to us. But the true test comes when we are asked to pray for or serve those who hate us. God commands us to love everyone; bless those who curse us etc. Wow! And I love how the scriptures point out that even the Pharisees were good to those who were their friends... Do we want to be grouped among them? NO WAY! And yet, even in our own homes, I think it is easy to sometimes react in an unloving way when even our family does something that is difficult for us to handle. It really is a choice though... to react according to the natural man, or to stop and think, and love unconditionally the way Christ would have us love.

    Sorry for the ramble... :o
    Thanks so much for the Christ like reminder and example. :)
    Corine :D