Monday, March 21, 2011

U.S.S. Silversides Trip

This is where we went this weekend for an overnight trip with my son's scout trip.

Here is the actual submarine from WWII that is now used as a museum in Michigan  and yes, we slept in the submarine for the night.  It held 72 crewman and 8 officers during the war and our pack/troop spent the night on board with two other scout packs. 

Before the boys toured the sub and brought their gear down, they first took an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) Class where they had to build their own out of pvc pipes with 3 motors.  The goal was to construct it so it was able to go up and down, front and back and turn in the water. 

After numerous attempts, they were all successful!  The boy scouts worked well with our cubbies by not taking over the projects but working with them.

This the torpedo room that has actual torpedoes in them.  And yes, the boys slept in this room either above, next to or below the torpedoes.  They loved it!

Here is my son in the confined quarters on the top bunk of the torpedo room. 

A group shot in the Great Lakes Naval Memorial and Museum before we left.

One last outside shot of the submarine with our group.  Our dads that went were awesome!  They took all of the night shift watches for our boys and let us moms sleep... there wasn't much sleeping but we appreciated it!

 This museum is in Muskegon, Michigan.  I would highly recommend a trip here if you're ever in the area!



  1. Wow! That looks like fun! From the pictures it looks like they all had a blast :)

  2. Thanks so much for following me and I am now following you!! Your trip sounds like fun. My poor hubby having all girls never gets to do any father/son stuff. :( Actually we love having all girls!! Enjoy your family.--connie,

  3. what an educational adventure.