Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Healing Mysteries of the Rosary

Last night we went to Eucharistic Adoration at my church for the 7pm Rosary Prayer and we prayed the Healing Mysteries.  I've never heard of these mysteries before and I was so intrigued and refreshed by meditating on the miracles Jesus had performed.  It was very beautifully done and I would like to pray them again!



  1. I have never heard of this either, thanks for sharing!

  2. I've not heard of these before. thanks for the link. I'm checking it out now.

  3. Good Morning Jen & Gardenia, I'm not sure where our rosary prayer leader found the mysteries but after I came home, I googled it and the mysteries were the same so I included the link. It's also a scriptural rosary where in between every Hail Mary, she read a scripture verse. It really helped to focus on the meditation to visualize what Jesus was doing during each mystery.

    On another occasion, we prayed the World Peace Mysteries of the rosary. Again, it was new to me and I really enjoyed them too. Here is a link that I found after googling it -