Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ash Wednesday

Today is the beginning of Lent and we'll be going to mass.  My son and I made a Lenten Calendar from Catholic Icing and hung it in the kitchen. 

We wrote our individual goals of what we plan to do to honor God and deepen our faith (it's on the bottom portion that was cut off in the picture).  One goal is to give up diet pop...  I will need help though giving this up... it has a stronghold on me and I know it.  My son has challenged me to do it and I've accepted that challenge. 

It will be hard... very hard... so please pray for me!!

May everyone have a blessed Lenten Season!


  1. Good Luck! Im giving up pop for lent

  2. May you have a blessed Lent too, Noreen!

  3. Oh I will pray. My sister is giving up her Pepsi habit/addiction. I'll also pray for those around you LOL! I'm a new follower ;)

  4. ugh. that'll be hard I'm sure. Praying for you!

  5. We printed out our calendar too from Catholic Icing! I love all the colors on your calendar. That's interesting that you colored all of it already whereas my children are shading in one block per day. May you have a blessed diet pop-less Lent :) Hang in there you can do it! :) But, Sunday's don't count as the 40 days in Lent and I heard that Sundays are considered mini-resurrection days through Lent so we can have our addictions on Sundays in Lent:) Have you heard that? Maybe this will help you get through all 40 days by waiting until Sunday to take a few sips of your pop?

  6. Thank you for your support my blogging friends! This is day 4 and I'm still pop-free but it's been VERY difficult. I'm tired and have had headaches but it's getting easier each day. I was so in the habit of drinking it that I find myself going to the refrigerator and then stopping myself... then offering up my struggles!

    Tracy- I wanted the calendar to be colorful to look at and we are marking off each day as they go by. I have heard about not having to give up your offering on Sundays. However, I know I will be paying the price on Monday if I do so I'm giving it up even on Sundays. Thanks for your encouragement!