Monday, February 7, 2011

What I Am Grateful For...

This man... my husband who during this snow storm/blizzard worked so hard!  He spent hours snowblowing and shoveling our property as well as our neighbors.  We live on the end of an alley and when the plow trucks come through they pile it on the end of the parkway by the alley.  This means it's very dangerous backing out into the street because the snow piles are over 5 feet tall and we can't see.  It was heavy, wet snow... not easy to move.  He spent a long time working on reducing that snow mound and now we can see!

My son and I helped but in truth, he did the majority of it. 

Then in the midst of all this work, our snowblower broke... a worn out belt.  He immediately found his friend to help him replace it and he was off again.

He's a planner... he went back to the store to get salt, windshield wiper fluid and gas for the snowblower.  The temperatures are going to drop tomorrow to negative degrees during the night.  But we don't have to worry, because we're prepared!

You know what else he does for me?   Our vehicles are parked outside so each morning before he goes to work, he will make sure my car doors open (sometimes they're frozen shut), brushes off the snow, and warms up the car. 

He's a good man, my hubby.  I'm am blessed to have him as my husband!

I would be remiss if I didn't mention how hard my son worked.  He was out there with us too working and playing in the snow!

Stay warm and safe!


  1. You have a beautiful family! Thank the Lord for wonderful husbands!

  2. I am always grateful for my husband taking care of the snow outside. I'm praying that we don't get doused with snow this week as he's on a business trip. Thankfully, I have boys who can help clear if needed. But, none of us are confident with the snow blower.

  3. What beautiful photos, Noreen! In the winter, my husband will wash off the ice from my car windscreen but we never have snow to bother with. How cold it must be where you live!

  4. Hi! I'm happy it all worked out for your beautiful family. :) I'm thankful that our city hauled snow away from the curbs before our latest storm. Unfortunately, we don't have a snowblower. We do have neighbors that blow their snow into our yard which means my hubby has to do double the shoveling.


  5. Aw! What beautiful pics! You have a great family:) And it sounds like you have quite the model of "St. Joseph the worker" in both your husband and your son:) Wonderful!

  6. That is so sweet. How great it is to have a husband that helps others in a way that is a tangible lesson to your son. Great picture of you and your sweetie. I love the picture of your son with your dog. Those curls are awesome!

  7. Fun to catch a glimpse of your sweet family... :)