Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine Craft

We spent some time on one of our snow days making Valentine Cards for the veterans at a local VA Hospital.  We had done this craft with my son's Cub Scout Pack on a recent Pack Night and then I thought it would be nice to make additional ones since we were snowed in.  The pictures did not turn out great (my camera is on the fritz) but I think you get the idea.

One Valentine Card idea was from Lacy at Catholic Icing Catholic Icing (and I would link it here if I knew how to do it but I don't... thank you Tracy for teaching me how to do this!!)  You write the word valentine down the middle and write the bible verse John 3:16 around it. 
For God so loVed
the world that He gAve
his onLy son, that
 whoEver believes
iN Him
should noT
perIsh but
have eterNal
I'm having difficulty lining it up on the computer but you would line up the Valentine in the hearts and write the verse around it.
My son was a bit concerned that those cards may be given to someone who doesn't believe in God and I told him, then that's exactly who should get it.  We don't hand pass them out, we bring them to the Volunteer Office at the hospital and they'll distribute them but I will pray that the Holy Spirit will guide them to those who need to hear it.

My son's scout pack made Christmas cards and yarn cross ornaments for the veterans in a VA Hospital this past Christmas and it was a big hit.  At school, they had made cards and sent them overseas to the active soldiers which is wonderful but we also wanted them to be aware that some soldiers come back injured and they need our gratitude and love too.

I'm the one that brought the ornaments and cards to the hospital and was amazed at it's size.  They provide so many services (i.e. blind rehabilitation, spinal cord injury, women's health, medical foster home...etc.) to men and women who've devoted their lives for our freedom. 

It was a humbling experience to think so many soldiers come back injured... and I wonder if they feel appreciated?  Admired for their courage and dedication?  I can't imagine they come back feeling whole and very good about life after experiencing war.  They need our prayers!


  1. What a wonderful and thoughtful thing to do as a family for our vets! The gift you give your son by doing these kinds of things will last through his life...there should be more mom's like you.

  2. Great Valentine card idea, Noreen! Thanks for stopping by my blog! We live near a 1000 ft mountain in Maine...and try to hike up it several times a year.


  3. thank you for that idea...
    and thank you for supporting our military!
    as an ARMY wife of a soldier who spent the first 15 months of our sons life training and being deployed, they need all the love and support they can get!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog...

  4. oh I love your valentines. Lacy has great ideas, doesn't she. how beautiful that you made them for the veterans in the hospital. what a wonderful example of charity for your children. and yes, we pray that the nonbelievers receive them and are touched by the Holy Spirit.

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  6. Hi Noreen,
    We just did this Valentine craft today at our Homeschool once a month gathering. We did it as a whole class for K-2nd graders and I hope to blog about it soon! That is so wonderful that you are supporting our military in such a beautiful and special way! I'm about to send you an email giving you information about how to link up blog titles in your posts and also give you instructions on how to grab my blog button like you requested on my recent planetarium posts! "Chat" with you soon!
    Tracy at "A Slice of Smith Life"

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    Thanks! Tracy

  8. Sounds like a fun thing to do with our family. I wish wish wish I was a crafty one. I'll have to learn.

    Thank you for visiting me. I do appreciate it.

    I hope you are staying warm!

    Aloha! :)

  9. What a great craft for a great cause! I am your newest follower. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment yesterday!

  10. Thank you ladies for your kind words about the craft and veterans. I really believe it's good for children to reach outside of themselves and do something good for others. We originally tried to arrange it with the hospital that the cub scouts could come personally and hand deliver them, but they have an age restriction - have to be 13 yrs or older and our boys fall under it.

    Jamerican Spice - the weather has warmed up to the low 30's but we got another 2-3 inches today. A good part of my day was outside shoveling and clearing the corner walkways.