Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rockford Abortion Clinic Closed

Today while praying outside an abortion clinic near Chicago, I learned that a different abortion clinic in Rockford called Northern Illinois Womens Center (N.I.W.C.) was temporarily shut down by the state over 3 months ago for it's health and safety violations.  (In fact, it was reported that the abortion center had not been inspected by the state for over 14 years.)  They were given two options by the Illinois Department of Public Health:

  • They could pay the $9,750 fine and reopen once the citations were fixed.  OR 
  • Remain closed, pay a reduced fine of $1,000 and lose their license.  
On January 13, 2012, the clinic owner opted to close up shop and pay the reduced fine.  Here is what he said in a statement to the Rockford Register Star:

"We also want to acknowledge the Winnebago County Citizens for Choice for walking with us and the women coming to the clinic in the face of harassment, intimidation and hostility.  The WCCC are women and men who will continue to work to preserve women's right to reproductive health.  The staff is very saddened by the closing.  We are not done grieving this loss and still are struggling with surrendering to the idea that we will not be able to do this work tomorrow or the day after."

The more I googled about this clinic, the more intense and demonic this clinic appeared to be.  So much so, that seven priests came and prayed outside the clinic on the public sidewalks.  They were praying prayers of exorcism and these prayers were answered!

Here are some pictures I found from the Pro Life Corner Blog who has been involved with praying for the rights of the unborn, their mothers and staff at the N.I.W.C.  Beware though:  these images are shockingly heinous.

You'll have to go to their blog Pro Life Corner Blog to get a better view of what the owner put on the windows.  Here is what is written on some of his signs:

 "Red Alert Terrorists and Perverts Lurking in the Area" 
"If my sermon offends you - you repent" 
"$500 reward for return of missing demons" 
"This clinic has more integrity than your church has" 
"Abortion removes parasites, exorcism removes demons" 
 "We love God.  Abortion is Part of God's Plan"
"Premises protected by Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson"
I have no idea what the meaning is behind the chicken with the noose around it's neck?

Praise God for the hard work of the Pro Life Corners activists, for those priests and lay people who went to pray for an end to this tragedy!  


Jesus protect and save the unborn!

Prayers and blessings to all those who stand up for the unborn!


  1. Hi Noreen. I nominated you for a Liebster award. Went to my third clinic vigil/protest this past Saturday with my older two children--the PP in Aurora. This is the first year I participated in these. God Bless you!

  2. I grew up in Rockford until I reached high school when we moved south. It was wonderful to hear about this. The abortion doctor in my town retired this past year, so his clinic also closed. There are still clinics in St. Louis, but none that I drive past every day.

  3. Colleen~ you are so kind! Thank you for the Liebster award nomination! I'm so happy you've been going with your two older children to pray at an abortion clinic. It is so very important to stand and be a witness to Life! I started myself at the beginning of Advent so I'm new to it as well. Are you going to the Speak Out conference in Oakbrook this Saturday? Northwest Families for Life is co-sponsoring (I think) and Abby Johnson is the keynote speaker. I'm going to try and go!

  4. Mary~ it is an answer to prayer when one abortion clinic is closed. For years I've been driving past these clinics without knowing what was happening inside. Now that my eyes have been opened, I feel the Holy Spirit prompting me to act.

  5. Thank you Victor for your prayers!

  6. I join you in prayer for the unborn.

    God Bless you.

  7. Thank you Michael for your prayers and stopping by! I went to the Speak Out Conference yesterday in my area and learned that it is common for abortion clinics NOT to have inspections from the Illinois Dept of Public Health. In fact, the situation at the Rockford clinic has brought into light this glaringly troubling oversight. It was reported recently that many abortion clinics in my area have not been inspected for YEARS!

  8. I still can't comprehend an abortion clinic ever MEETING health and safety standards. Hello contradiction.

  9. I join you all in prayer for the unborn. Great article!

  10. Tricia~ wasn't that one of the reasons they wanted to make abortion legal? Safety and health of the moms. Instead of the illegal alley abortions?

    Colleen~ thank you for your support and visiting!!