Sunday, January 22, 2012

Choice: Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade

39 year ago today January 22, 1973, the unthinkable happened.  
The United States of America's judicial system legalized abortion.  

  • Today we remember ALL of those babies who weren't given the choice whether they wanted to live.  It was taken from them without their consent.  
  • We remember and pray for the mothers and fathers who bought into this lie and chose to end the lives of their babies.  
  • We remember and pray for all of the doctors and nurses who wrongly believe they are doing what's best for their patients by terminating a pregnancy.
  • We remember to pray for our government and society that they learn to value and protect it's children, born and unborn.

What does choice really mean?

The feminist group believes that they have the right to determine what happens to their body.  It's their "choice".  They promote the idea that "it's just a bunch of cells" and not life.  We now know this is not true.  Anyone who has had an ultrasound knows that a baby is forming.  There is life in the womb not just a mass of cells.  Abortion kills that life pure and simple.  There's no getting around this fact.

I'm joining in with other Pro-Life Bloggers at Catholic Bloggers Network to stand up for our most vulnerable members of society ~ our unborn!

Jesus, save and protect the unborn!

Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.  Jeremiah 1:5

Announcing 2nd Annual "Ask Them What They Mean by "Choice" Blog Day
January 22, 2012



  1. Noreen,

    I read an interesting and encouraging article on a pro-life site recently. The writer feels 'the tide is turning' as regards abortion. With the advances in technology, such as very clear ultrasounds, it is getting more and more difficult for people to close their eyes to the fact that it is a LIVE BABY which is growing within the womb, not just a bunch of cells, as you said.

    Praying for an end to abortion, and also for you as you work so tirelessly to save unborn babies.

    God bless you!

  2. God bless you, Noreen, for speaking up for the babies. I too posted on this subject today, and have been surprised at how quiet my blog has been..only one comment. I may be mistaken, but it seems people want to avoid this subject..even devout Catholics. I can't think of anything worse going on in this country, and the world, than the killing of our innocent unborn children. The blood is literally running in the streets, and the devil is dancing with glee as God's babies are "sacrificed." I certainly don't mean to offend anyone. The forgiveness of God is Perfect, and I too am a wretched sinner. What saddens me is the lack of horror most people have over the reality of abortion. I have probably already said too much.... Was so happy to see your post, and not feel so very alone on this awful "anniversary". Peace to you, Noreen.

  3. Sue~ that is great news if the tide is turning and the reality of abortion is exposed!

    Patricia~ I feel the same as you do. When I blog about abortion, it seems as if I get fewer comments too. Touchy subject for some people but the truth is that abortion kills life. A baby's life and we cannot be silent on this one. Did you participate in Jill Stanek's blog day? Coming over now to support you!

  4. Your corner of the blogosphere is Pro-Life, and i love stopping by!!

  5. Noreen, seeing your comment on my blog this morning really brightened my day! Thank you : )
    I agree..we cannot be silent on this subject, and we cannot pretend that other injustices can even compare to this one.

    I sent Jill an email...don't know if I was too late...really just wanted to touch base with her.

    Just wanted to say again that I'm so glad you are out there. God bless you!

    PS Gardenia, if you read this, I found that poem on adoption...about God's Own planting. I can email it to you if you like...think I have your email address in my comment info. : ) Just leave a note on my homepage.

  6. Great post, Noreen! Thank you for your courageous stand for life...God bless you, warrior for Christ! I linked up with Jill Stanek too:)

  7. Excellent post, Noreen. It is good that you reminded everyone to pray. To pray for those who choose abortion, for those who perform the abortion, To pray for the end of this horrific scourge. Action without prayer will not bear fruit. But, action with prayer will get results.