Monday, October 3, 2011


Courageous hit the movie theaters this past weekend and I went to it's opening debut.  Happily, it was sold out!  This movie is produced by Sherwood Baptist Church Films in an effort to make "faith-based" movies instead of the usual Hollywood style.  It is the fourth movie written and produced by the film making ministry of Sherwood Baptist Church that stars one of their pastors ~ Alex Kendrick.  The overall message is about fatherhood and responsibility which unfolds throughout the journey of the four main characters who are police officers as well as fathers.  They befriend a fifth main character and the group of men share their struggles with their identity as fathers and the challenges of being a police officer.

Courageous was "preachier" and more intense than the previous films they produced such as Fireproof and Facing the Giants.  In addition, it was also a bit drawn out at times leaving me wondering "where are they going with this?" but otherwise, it had humor, tears and intensity.   Kind of like a Hallmark film or something you would watch on Lifetime.

I enjoyed it through the laughter and tears but I left wondering, would it reach the audience they were intending to reach?  Or would it only be people of faith who flock to the theaters to watch it? And if it did, would the "preachy" style be a turn off for some people?



  1. i think it would reach ALL, I loved it, we went Saturday,and My son,and I ,even DH took alot from the Movie...

  2. Can't wait to see it!
    I've wondered the same thing, they always encourage us "faithful" ones to go often to get the sales up and to send a message to the theatre companies...I'm sure some people will go not knowing and if it reaches even one soul, it is worth it, right?

  3. I saw it last night and loved it - it was really good and helpful and encouraging to me as have been their other movies. I hope they keep making more!

  4. I've heard a lot of good things about this movie, but I do admit, all from Christians living a faith life. It will be interesting to see how it is received in the general media and by the public. thanks for sharing your thoughts on this movie.

  5. Noreen,

    I am loving your movie reviews!

    I have "Fireproof" on DVD and haven't even watched it yet. It was a birthday present. Now I am wondering why I haven't made time to watch it. I will look out for "Courageous".

  6. I've heard such great things about this movie! Thanks for linking up to the NOBH.

  7. Thank you for visiting Ladies!! Let's hope this movie stays in the theaters for a long time!!