Friday, September 30, 2011

40 Days for Life Campaign

I hadn't read this email from Shawn Carney until this morning.  One of my deacons at church mentioned it last night and it touched me in a powerful way.  The peaceful prayer volunteers of abortion stayed firm against the pressure to leave.  Yay Arkansas!!


The people who arrived for the 40 Days for Life kickoff
event outside the abortion center in Fayetteville got
a bit of a surprise -- a brand-new sprinkler system,
with the sprinkler heads pointed directly at the prayer

"The owner of the business complex turned the sprinklers
on as soon as we set up all our equipment," said Tiffany
in Fayetteville. "And they kept the sprinklers on for
two hours."

One co-owner spent the entire two hours "pacing and
walking up and down the parking lot, yelling at us and
telling the police to arrest us," she said. "Needless
to say, the police officers were polite and explained
they could not arrest us."

The prayer volunteers were then greeted with loud,
obscene music from inside the building. "We sang and
played worship music and lifted our voices to God,"
Tiffany explained. "Our God songs drowned out the
vulgar music."

Through it all, the prayer volunteers refused to be
discouraged. "The bottom line -- God triumphed," she
said. "Praise the Lord!"



  1. Noreen,

    If the prayer volunteers weren't making such a difference, people wouldn't go to so much effort to discourage them, to try to force them away. Yes, God is triumphant!