Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Book Review

Atheist to Catholic: Stories of Conversion was collected and edited by Rebecca Vitz Cherico.  Ms. Cherico compiled eleven conversion stories into her book which brings the reader on a journey of thoughtfulness, disdain, doubt, confusion and faith.  She says of her book "this is a book of seekers who ended up someplace they never intended to go; and yet they went there, even if it was inconvenient, awkward or strange."  Some of the people were cradle Catholics, who left the faith and came back.  Some were raised in either an atheistic household or others in a Protestant denomination household.  Regardless of their religious background, they all seemed to be intellectuals who viewed Catholicism with disinterest or downright contempt.  One of the stories is Ms. Cherico's own father's conversion to Catholicism.

Each story is unique, yet each convert experienced a similar range of emotions as they felt called to the Catholic Church.  It wasn't easy for any of them and it took time and faith for each individual to make their own journey.  As Ms. Cherico states in her introduction "Where we have strength to leave even a little opening.  God rushes in."  Whether we like it or not, God prods us to where He wants us to go!  All we have to do is obey and let Him lead!

This book is a collection of beautiful and heartfelt stories that leave the reader cheering on the convert!  I would highly recommend this book for the hope it offers to people who are searching for truth as well as for us Catholics, it's helps us understand the struggles they go through so we can be more supportive to new converts.  Atheist to Catholic is a 114 page book published by Servant Books, an imprint of St. Anthony Messenger Press in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2011.  You can purchase Atheist to Catholic: Stories of Conversion at Aquinas & More Catholic Goods for $13.99.

I was given a free copy of this book to review from The Tiber River Company.  I received no monetary compensation for this review.


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