Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Anxiety Update, Rosary Rally, O Sanctissima

I survived my public speaking moments this past weekend!!  I was able to make my announcements with a somewhat steady and clear voice.  I decided not to write down the announcement for the Rosary Rally Crusade because of my hubby's advice.  So, I made it brief and may have left out a detail or two but that's ok.  We advertised it in our church bulletin so the information is available for those who are interested.

As I reflect back on it, I went into autopilot and just did it.  I kept telling myself that "it wasn't about me" it was about Jesus and His mother and that helped a lot.  I thought of Victor's advice: if I was in the crowd watching Jesus be horrifically beaten and mocked, and Pontius Pilate asked "Does anyone here have something to say on behalf of this man?"  If I was there, I pray I would have had the courage to speak but I wasn't.  But I can do so now and I know He was with me while I did it!

Victor ~ I even performed the lector duties adequately and will do it once more on Friday.  Thanks for your support!

Rosary Rally preparations are in full gear!  With the help of my friends; Linda, Charity, Holly and Glenn, all of this is coming together nicely.  I have no idea how many people will show but it doesn't matter.  We are going to praise Jesus through Mary regardless of the weather conditions or crowd size.

I'm working on trying to learn this achingly beautiful song that we will be singing at the Rosary Rally.  Problem is... it's in Latin and I'm not that familiar with it so I've been listening to it over and over to try and memorize it.  Such a beautiful song.

 Love it!  Just wish I could pronounce all the words!

I've linked this post up with Heidi from Sacramental Moments.  You should go and check out her blog.  It's a new one for me and I've been enjoying reading her posts and getting to know her.  She has starts her week off on a reflective note, "Pondering in my Heart Mondays."   It's a great way to start off my week!  This week, the song O Sanctissima is what I've been pondering and it brings tears to my ears to listen to it.



  1. Congratulations on surviving your speaking moments!! Love this song! God bless.

  2. Congratulations and well done.

    I can now get off my knees ... I've been praying for you.

    God bless.

  3. Thanks for visiting Colleen and I love this song too!

    Victor~ I'm glad I wrote my update so you would know that further knee praying was unnecessary!! But I would appreciate a prayer about Sat.'s Rosary Rally!

  4. Congratulations on a job well done! Thank you Jesus!

  5. I love that you are getting help from your online blogging buddies to strengthen your real world witness. I'll pray for the people to come to the rally too and honor Jesus and Mary.

  6. Hi Noreen - Thanks so much for checking in on Grace. Her fever lasted about 3 days and then turned into a cold. Unfortunately, colds are hard on her because of her food issues (among other things). I am just now recovering from the cold she gave me.

    I just got caught up on your blog. I'm hoping to see Courageous but I will probably rent it. I really hope it does well in the theaters. I hope the Rally goes well this weekend!

  7. Thank you for visiting Sarah!

    And thank you for the continued prayers Victor!!

    Colleen ~ I know! That is one of the blessings from the internet. We can ask people from around the world to pray for us!

    Annd ~ I'm glad Grace is feeling better and I hope your cold goes away quickly!

  8. I'm glad it went well, Noreen! Prayers that the rally goes well this weekend. God bless!

    (The song is very beautiful.)

  9. Praise God that His will was done:-) You were surely a beautiful instrument, Noreen!

  10. I just knew you'd do a wonderful job speaking, Noreen!

    I love O Sanctissima. There is something very special and sacred about the hymns sung in Latin. Have you got a copy of the words, Noreen? A lot of the sounds are the same as in English. Unlike English though each letter usually has only one sound. The long and short vowel sounds are usually marked so this helps with pronunciation. I'm sure the singing will sound beautiful.

    Adding my prayers to yours for the Rosary Rally.

  11. Mary ~ thank you for your prayers! Looks like we will have beautiful weather too!

    Tiffany ~ you kindness is much appreciated!

    Sue ~ we do have the words that is listed in the prayer program that will be passed out. I've been listening to it over and over in the hopes of memorizing it!

  12. Noreen,

    Thank you so much for linking you page and sharing how your public speaking went. God certainly gives us all that we ask of Him, doesn't He?