Thursday, May 23, 2013

Our Greatest Evil

I'm reading a book written by Fr. Thaddeus Dajczer called The Gift of Faith.  
Certain quotes seem to leap off the page at me.
Here is one of them.
I used this picture because I felt that she displays a radical not a lukewarm faith in Jesus.

"There can be various kinds of sin.  
There are sins committed and sins of negligence.  
And the sins of negligence are the worst.  
Among these is the sin of abandonment - 
you abandon Christ, leave Him and give Him only a small corner in your heart.

This is your greatest evil.

This compromise and lack of radicalism shows that Christ does not represent the greatest value in your life, that to you He is not everything, that your faith is always lukewarm." 
 By Fr. Thaddeus's Dajczer in his book The Gift of Faith



  1. I agree, this is powerful! I can see how negligence
    is worse than others because it says the person doesn't even care enough to stir themselves for His

    Thanks, Noreen!

  2. When Christ is distant it's because we have moved.

    God bless.