Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy Mail

Recently, I won a giveaway from Natalie at Detail-Oriented Diva
 She hosted a Chevron Wall Art Giveaway earlier this month.  
She creates these amazing color combinations of chevron art with your family information.

Here is what she custom made for me:

(I'm thinking I may need a darker frame.)

Natalie is amazing to work with. 
Quick to give ideas and to respond to questions.
To her followers, she offers a free printable section with the cutest graphics.

If she isn't a graphic designer by trade, she should be.
She's fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Natalie!!!!!!!



  1. Wow, congrats!
    Looks lovely!!

    Noreen, I came over to ask a few things as well as read your post...first of all do you have email subscrip in addition to sub by feeder? If so, I;d prefer to do that b.c I wind up not scrolling down into my feeder on my blogger homepage and miss your posts sometimes.
    Second, I signed up as a Tynedale reviewer and see that you are as does that work? I just got an email saying that certain titles will be released this month. Do you email them and req titles to review on your blog? I emailed to ask but no answer so far. Also, is there a min # you must rev?

    Thanks, Noreen! No rush on re. I will not be online much the next few days....Kev's bday party this Fri night. You know how these parties take on lives of their own. Cleaning, baking, a list as ling as my arm of stuff to do. It's all good; I just get nuts with details.

    Have a great day friend.

    1. I don't have that gadget but I could try it out. I think I know how to do it in layout.

      Yes, I am a Tyndale reviewer too. They do it differently than the Catholic Company. I get those emails too indicating what books are coming available. What I do is go to and sign in. Then go under Titles on the top bar and click on what's available. (They only have a few books at a time to be reviewed.) Then select which one you'd like to do. Sometimes you have to wait a bit for them to ship it out. They typically give you an estimated ship date.

      Right now I am waiting for a children's book called Bedtime Stories and Prayers that should be shipped on May 6th. I requested it about 3 weeks ago but knew it wouldn't be shipped until May which is fine by me.

      I'm not aware of a minimum that you must review. They do require that you post your review on one other site such as, Amazon or and I think there is one called Goodreads. I always do Amazon. Tyndale will not accept your review without the link to the additional site.

      Enjoy your party preparations for Kevin!!!

    2. I also review for booksneeze. They're not a Catholic site but they do have Christian books. They seem to be leaning towards e-books now instead of print. They have a much larger selection to choose from. Just in case you're interested :)

  2. Thanks so much for featuring it! It looks great!