Saturday, May 4, 2013

Jericho March

Please keep us in your prayers today.
I am participating in a Jericho March at one of our local abortion clinics.
It has been closed for 5 weeks for "remodeling" and we're praying it won't reopen!

Our group had a Jericho March a few years ago around another local abortion clinic, 
and our prayers were heard and answered!  
That place of death, shut down!  
May God reach the hearts of the doctors, nurses and staff who work at this clinic,
 and remove the scales from their eyes! 
 May their hearts be converted!



  1. Prayers from here, Noreen. I hope your wonderful effort has the same result, this time, too. You're an inspiration:-)

    God bless:-)

  2. What a really cool idea. I've never heard of a Jericho March. We have 40 Days for Life here and lots of great events affiliated with the Crisis Pregnancy Centers in the area but so far none of the abortion mills has shut down yet.... maybe this is what we should try.

    In the meantime, my prayers are joined with yours today!

    Many blessings, Kari

    1. Hi Kari, it was my first experience with a Jerich March as well. It makes sense though that what worked in the Old Testament times can work now. All is possible with God!

  3. Noreen,
    Never heard of this...How inspirational! Good for you and your group...
    We have 40 DFL as well in our area and of course, we're close enough to go to DC for the annual march. It is typically about a 6 hour bus ride...altho this year, with the snow and sleet on the way home it took closer to 10 hours. Yikes! A hardy group though, only stopping twice for rest area and quickie burgers.....Worth it, of course, despite it all.
    and thanks for the pro life boost!


    1. 10 hours is a long time but so worth it. Our voices need to be heard loud and clear so the unborn will not be pushed aside.

  4. Noreen, I'll join in prayer!

    1. Thank you Monica! We received word that the abortion clinic has postponed their reopening following construction. Perhaps our prayers are being answered!