Monday, March 4, 2013

Lenten Lapbook

Yesterday's class was a busy one even though I'd done most of the prep work ahead of time. 
 I went to some of my favorite sources for help:
 Regina from A Living Garden
Monica from Equipping Catholic Families and 
CeAnne from Sanctus Simplicitus.

I downloaded Regina's Papal Election Playset and used it on our prayer table.  I included a picture of Cardinal Theodore-Adrien Sarr that we will be praying for this Lenten Season and beyond:

Isn't Regina's Papal Election Set perfect for little hands? 
 They stand up because they're attached to toilet paper tubes.

Our Lenten Lapbook was a hit too with the kids.  

The daily prayer cards came from Monica Equipping Catholic Families on the lower right hand corner of the above picture.  I made a pocket out of cardstock to hold the prayers yet make it easy for them to take in and out.

The other source is from CeAnne at Sanctus Simplicitus.  The coloring picture of Jesus on the Cross, Holy Day pictures and explanations plus the beautiful purple Stations of the Cross all came from her blog.  She has so many other ideas too so I highly recommend you visit her blog HERE.

The backcover had additional prayers from Monica at Equipping Catholic Families
 I found it in her freebie section.

Here are the daily prayers from Monica displayed before putting them into the Lapbook.

I explained to the parents at pick up, that it's not homework, but I had
 encouraged their children to use this Lenten Lapbook. 
 Recite the prayers, learn about the Holy Days and to pray for our adopted Cardinal!

Thank you Regina, Monica and CeAnne!



  1. I love all this! There is so much out there right now to teach our children about all that is happening in our Church, it is almost overwhelming (in a very good way).

    You have put it all together so beautifully. I am sure the children and their families will be extremely blessed for having these materials available to them.

    God Bless, Kari

    1. Thank you Kari for visiting and your kind comment. I pray that they do go over it with their children. It's so difficult to only have them for an hour and twenty minutes. Which is why I like to send home a tangible project that they can discuss with their parents.

  2. Thank oyu for sharing this Noreen!! I will post about it on Thursday in


    1. Thank you Xhonane! The other bloggers who have provided these resources would be reaching a far greater audience than they can imagine. It's wonderful to share other's ideas! You always do such a good job with that :)

  3. Beautiful coming together of such wonderful resources! I am always so grateful for such generous bloggers who share their gifts and talents, including you:) Thank you and God bless!

    1. Thank you Tiffany! I would be at a loss in my classroom without the creativity of others! I may adjust it a bit to fit my class but the ideas are borne from other bloggers :)

  4. As always, Noreen, I remain envious of your skills when pulling resources together for your students! A beautiful collection here, and I'm so excited to pray for our cardinal as you pray for yours and on and on so the entire College of Cardinals is held in our prayers. Thanks!

  5. This is so so cute!!! I love the idea, and love how it can be used for even very young kids. ~Jen @