Friday, November 25, 2011

I Blog Jesus Award

The amazingly creative Monica from Equipping Catholic FamiliesArma Dei and the creator of the I Blog Jesus Award; and one of the sweetest, kindest bloggers, Sue from Sue Elvis Writes both nominated me for the I Blog Jesus Award!

Monica, who designed this new award, has probably created the most important type of award that I could receive... to honor Jesus in my blog!  All of the other ones are fun and make me smile, yet this one makes me feel humble.  I do my best to blog about topics that glorify The Holy Trinity and Our Lady.

In a little over a month, I will have been blogging as Rosary Mom, for one year.  The blessings that have flowed from the connections I have made from other fabulous Catholic bloggers is astounding.  My faith has deepened and the knowledge gained has inspired me to learn more.

God can be glorified through the internet!

"For I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord, "They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope."  Jeremiah 29:11

Now it's my turn to nominate several other blogs who are worthy to receive the I Blog Jesus Award. I know of many more than several but after prayer, these bloggers come to mind:

Victor from Time for Reflections ~ his sense of humor is so unique and refreshing as he gives us his Fr. Ignatius stories.  He is also a great supporter and encourager of everyone he knows!

Michael from Reach Paradise ~ he is an author from the Community of Catholic Bloggers who writes concise thought provoking posts.  He challenges you to go beyond the expectation of daily living and live with Jesus at the foremost of you mind.

Judy from Ben Makes Ten ~  her love for Christ, her family and others is evident in her blogging.  She has a depth of knowledge of our faith that leaves me inspired to live according to God's word.

Trish from Lily-Rose Cottage ~ is a lovely lady who gathers bloggers once a week to share posts that are:  Whatever is... Lovely, Admirable, Cheerful and Encouraging.  She has a gift for writing that is encouraging and gentle.  I imagine her to be a real lady!

Lena from Joyfilled Family ~ she is one of the most organized and detailed bloggers of the Catholic Faith.  She is on top of blogging about the feast days of the liturgical calendar and her ministry, Little Flowers.  She uses beautiful pictures in her posts of Our Lord and all his angels and saints, Our Lady and her own lovely family.

Tricia from Saint Bound Sinner ~  she has a very relatable style of writing that draws the reader in while teaching about the apostles, church fathers and saints.  I believe she is a new blogger as well and she is doing a wonderful job of glorifying Jesus!



  1. Congratulations Noreen! Well deserved! The award looks good on you! And thank you, thank you, for the generous nomination. :)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS on your first anniversary as a Blogger and for winning this award. It is well deserved. Well done.

    Thank you too for nominating me. I feel so humble; especially as you caught me wearing my turquoise bow tie with pink flowers with a red shirt. I always dress formally when I Blog just in case anyone is on-line at the time. And I've been told turquoise bow tie does not match with red shirt. So if you'll excuse me I'll go and change my bow tie and I'll accept your nomination formally on my Blog in a day or so. My preferred bow tie is currently at the cleaners because the cat used it as a toy.

    Thank you again Noreen and see you on my Blog in a day or so. Or earlier if you, or your readers, wish to read/hear my entries so far.

    God bless you for your kindness and support for my Blog and my work; especially all the good things you said about my book "Visions".

    Congratulations again.

    Best wishes.

    Vic M

  3. Congratulations Noreen, both on the award and on your first year of blogging. I feel so privileged to have been your blogging friend for practically all your blogging life! And now I am no longer an ex-blogger (that didn't last long, did it?) I am so pleased to continue sharing online with you.

    Of course, I know Victor and Lena too. I will have to visit your other favourite blogs.

    God bless you!

  4. A well earned award! Congratulations!
    May God bless you for all your efforts.

  5. Noreen
    Congrats on your award! And I'm very honored and humbled that you passed it on to me, and for the kind things you wrote.
    God Bless you.

  6. Congrats Noreen on your awesome blog award! And for your 1 year blogiversary! I enjoy reading your posts very much and how you pass on our beautiful faith in blog land! I will have to check out the blogs you nominated! They look great! Congrats again!

  7. Thank you everyone for your kind words and encouragement!