Thursday, November 17, 2011

Holiday Mail for Heroes

I learned today from Paper Dali that there is a program through the Red Cross to send Holiday mail to our troops overseas.  Prayers for our troops have been on my mind since we recently celebrated Veteran's Day so, this is the perfect opportunity to continue to show our love and support for their sacrifices!  Without their bravery and sacrifices we wouldn't be free.  If the men and women of the past and present didn't step forward to defend and protect our nation; and defend and protect other nations who cannot defend themselves, we wouldn't have a free nation.

This year on Veteran's Day, we went to Cantigny for their Veteran's Day Celebration.  They had an incredibly moving program called Veteran Voices where they had soldiers dressed in uniform from the Revolutionary War to Desert Storm reading actual letters from soldiers who had lived and fought during those wars.  It was extremely explicit in revealing the suffering and trials they went through in war.  They showed pictures and video of these soldiers and it was incredibly moving.  I found myself tearful in thanksgiving and respect for their sacrifices.

Each luminary represented 6 soldiers who died in combat.  As you can imagine, it went on for rows and rows and rows.  Strongly imprinted on my mind was their families that were at home waiting for their loved one to come home.  And when they didn't, my heart ached for their pain.

They did a beautiful job in respecting and celebrating the soldiers of the past and present.

May our fallen soldiers and their families be with God in heaven and may the protective hand of God be upon our soldiers who are in combat.  



  1. Noreen, that sounds like a beautiful (and very moving) ceremony. Thank you for your compassion towards our Veterans. I, too, saw that post over at Paper Dali. We have it on our list to do for St. Nicholas' Feast Day. Love the whole idea! God bless you for sharing this:)

  2. Noreen, this is such a great idea, and so easy to do!! We're doing it! Thanks for sharing it with all of us! I'm putting it on my blog too!!

  3. Oh Tiffany, it was a beautiful and moving ceremony and humbling as well. As you know, many soldiers lost their lives fighting for the freedom of others.

    Jamie~ I was so happy to learn about it on Paper Dali. I'm thinking I will have my Religious Ed class write Christmas cards too.

    Thank you ladies for coming and visiting!

  4. Noreen,

    Thank you for sharing this; I was looking for this very type of thing to add to our Advent activities.