Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Thomas!

I just finished reading Sue Elvis' wonderfully emotional book called Grief, Love and Hope:  The Death of Our Baby Thomas.  It is an incredibly open and poignantly raw book of Sue's experience of learning that her unborn baby had a diaphragmatic hernia and wouldn't survive, to the birth of her son and the most precious 28 hours of his life before he went home to God.  Throughout her book she categorizes each part of the journey that she had written down in her journal so she wouldn't forget every precious moment of Thomas' life.   She's included poems, short essays and pictures that her children had written and drawn that adds to the whole picture of Thomas' impact on her entire family.  Very moving indeed and at parts, my heart ached for them, and other parts, my heart rejoiced for them.  Sue's faith in God pulled her through the darkest times of her suffering and she came through it with a stronger faith and trust in God.  She was also blessed with two beautiful daughters after losing Thomas.

Happy Birthday Thomas!!!

My finishing of Sue's book happens to land on Thomas' birthday.  He was born on November 9, 1999 and was called home to God on November 10, 1999.  His time on this earth with his family was incredibly brief but he had a huge impact on their lives.  He is now a saint that they will all meet again one day!

I've no doubt that Sue's book has helped other mothers and will continue to help those who've lost a child to process through this tragedy.  She is openly honest about the range of emotions a mother goes through and how a mother can survive the death of a child.

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  1. Noreen,

    What a beautiful birthday surprise! Thank you so much for reviewing my book in your kind and thoughtful way. I really do appreciate the time you took reading my little book and then writing this post. You are a very special person!

    If anyone is interested in reading my Thomas book, it is available as a free ebook, downloadable from my blog

    Thank you, Noreen! I thought Thomas' birthday was over for another year, and then this morning (the anniversary of his death), I saw this post. I cried a few more birthday tears because your kindness touched my heart. I am very grateful to you for giving attention to my book. Maybe a bereaved mother who is looking for a grief book and a kindred spirit will see this post.

    May God bless you!

  2. My husband also shares this birthday with his mother, thank you for sharing this post. this touched my heart.
    visiting you from LACE
    Blessings to you

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with lovely Sue and her beautiful family as they remember baby Thomas' birthday this week.
    Only one who has been through such hurt can really understand the impact it has on one's life.
    Sue's book is a blessing to many others who share her pain of losing a child.
    I know the Lord is using it to bring comfort, healing and restoration in their lives.
    Blessed be His Name!
    Noreen, thanks for linking this up to LACE today, my friend.
    Have a wonderful and blessed week in God :-)

  4. Dear Noreen,

    Thank you so much for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog. Actually I live in Oregon so it's not exactly warm, but it does snow sometimes and melts right away.

    In Jesus, with Mary and Joseph,

  5. Noreen, I've heard good things about this book. thanks for your review, and for your comments on my blog today! (thanks for notcing the blog re-do./ actually I just decided to clean up the clutter a bit!) God bless you.