Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lock Down Drill

I was chatting with a friend's daughter yesterday and she was telling me about a drill she had at her elementary school.
She's in first grade.  I assumed she was talking about a fire drill or a tornado drill.  She corrected me and said it's "a lock down drill."  My jaw dropped and I asked her to explain what she had to do in this drill.  Here are her words:

"We have to go to the back of the classroom and hide behind the desk against the wall.  So, if the bad guys come into my classroom, they won't see us."

How sad of a testament to our society that our schools have to teach 6 year olds how "to hide from the bad guys."  

I remember when my son first started elementary school, the front doors were not locked but that happened soon after because a local high school was on lock down due to a gun shooting on it's premises.

I pray that she never has to experience that horror.  I will include in my prayers tonight, all school children who do have to live in fear of being shot on their way to and from school or while in school.



  1. Hi Noreen,

    Andy's primary school has lock down drills too. There's never been a time when the school has had to lock down, but we live in these sad times and just in case... Also sad our modern world dangers are intruding on the innocence of childhood.

    It's a long way from my own childhood where the school didn't even have a fence and we could play in the grounds at weekends.

    God bless.

  2. That's so sad, Noreen.
    My goodness how things have changed!
    I feel very sorry for the children who live with that awful stress.

  3. Really??? I'm in my mid-30's and the only drills we had were for severe weather and nuclear weapons - both things that we didn't really fear all that much and considered not to be much of a threat. I understand where the school district is coming from, but doing these "drills" makes it a reality and something that children anticipate...is it really that large of a threat that valuable school time should be occupied with this?

    I'll join you in praying for the students and teachers who need to live in an environment of fear and preparation for huge acts of aggression.