Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood

I've been hearing the buzz about the unlikely connection between Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood and decided to research it.  It seems as if it's not a newly formed connection but it has drawn much recent attention since two teenage girls, Sydney and Tess Volanski who have left scouting, exposed the disturbing link between Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood.

The girls created their own website called Speak Now: Girl Scouts to reveal how they personally learned of the connection.  They describe a workshop the Girl Scouts were involved in called "Girls Only Workshop" held at the United Nations.  A Planned Parenthood brochure called Healthy, Happy and Hot A Young Persons Guide to their RIGHTS, SEXUALITY, AND LIVING WITH HIV was among the brochures to be distributed.  International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) published this pamphlet and call it:

"A guide written for young people living with HIV to help them understand their rights, and live healthy, happy and sexually fulfilling lives.

Young people living with HIV may feel that sex is just not an option, but this need not be the case.

This guide is designed to support young people living with HIV to increase sexual pleasure, improve health, and develop strong intimate relationships.

It explores how human rights and sexual well-being are related and suggests strategies to help them make decisions about dating, relationships, sex and parenthood.

Remember now, that Girl Scouts is open to kindergartners to 12th grade.  These are children and young teens!  Way too young to be exposed to this immoral propaganda as if it's the norm in our society.  Part of the Girl Scout Promise is "to serve God" not make a mockery of Him.

IPPF's mission statement is this:  

The International Planned Parenthood Federation
(IPPF) is a global service provider and a leading
advocate of sexual and reproductive health and
rights for all. We are a worldwide movement
of national organizations working with and for
communities and individuals.
IPPF works towards a world where women, men
and young people everywhere have control over
their own bodies, and therefore their destinies.
A world where they are free to choose parenthood
or not; free to decide how many children they
will have and when; free to pursue healthy sexual
lives without fear of unwanted pregnancies and
sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.
A world where gender or sexuality are no longer a
source of inequality or stigma. We will not retreat
from doing everything we can to safeguard these
important choices and rights for current and
future generations.

I believe God has called forth Sydney and Tess Volanski to speak the truth and let the world know that young girls who join the Girl Scouts of America are likely to be exposed to the goals of Planned Parenthood.

Beware mothers of young girls, check out your local Girl Scout organization and seek out the truth.  I cannot believe that all Girl Scout Troops are befriending Planned Parenthood but there is a link that has been unveiled to the public.



  1. thanks for posting on this subject noreen. I encourage everyone to check out the article at lifesite news.

  2. Noreen, they also donate a lot of money to PP!!
    We've boycotted girl scouts and their cookies for years now. When we try to explain it, people just scoff as if it doesn't matter. (because girl scouts is so good you know)

    The good doesn't justify the bad.

    Great post!! Great job getting the word out there.

  3. WOW. I was a girl scout back in the day and it got boring so I left. I remember that we were all learning how to be "mommies" and the Boy Scouts were out making fires and doing cool things. So not fair. But, this is a bit too much for young girls - living with HIV and having sex. Nice. So thankful I have boys! I bet Juliette Gordon Low would not allow this if she were still alive.

  4. great post. We too have stopped buying Girl Scout Cookies. Such a disappointment, as their cookies are so darn good :) I think so many don't know about this.

  5. Noreen,

    Things have changed so much from the safe world of my childhood. We went to Guides to pitch tents and sit round campfires singing songs. And we promised to do our duty to God, queen and country. Girl Guides... Girl Scouts...Is it all the same? I wonder if we have to be careful of the same issues here in Australia.

    It's so sad we have to be so suspicious, looking for hidden agendas in order to keep our children safe.

  6. Thanks for posting this one Noreen. I have known this for a while and it was an uncomfortable moment when a neighbor lady brought her two little girls to my door in their GS uniforms selling their cookies. I smiled at them and said that I would donate cash directly to their troop for crafts or camping gear, but, due to the PP involvement I could not buy their cookies. Their mom was unaware of the connection and was somewhat embarrassed. I told the girls that if they needed any jog a thon sponsorships for their school or sports sponsorships that they could feel free to ask me, but NO Girl Scout cookies!

    Thanks for spreading the word!

  7. Great post and yes, this is all just awful. I just learned about it a year ago...We all need to get the word out! We are starting an American Heritage Girls group at our parish to counter Girl Scouts.

  8. Thanks for the information, I had no idea of this connection. It's pretty disturbing.