Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Troubling Statistics

I received a letter in the mail from Christendom College in Virginia this week and learned some troubling news about college age Catholics who attend Catholic Colleges.  Assuming their findings are verifiable, here are some of their conclusions:

"Many if not most Catholic colleges today are Catholic in name only and students who attend
them are more likely to become militant secularists than to become capable defenders of the Faith."

That's a bold statement.  Here is why they make that claim:

  • Whereas a majority of students entered Catholic colleges pro-life, a larger majority graduated "pro-choice."
  • Nearly one in five students knew another student who had or paid for an abortion.
  • Support for legalizing homosexual "marriages" increased from 55% to 71% by senior year.
  • 60% agreed that premarital sex is not a sin; 46% said they personally engaged in sex outside of marriage.
  • 78% disagreed that using a condom to prevent pregnancy was a sin.
  • 32% decreased their frequency of Mass attendance while in college, whereas only 7% increased their attendance.
I also received an e-newsletter from Judie Brown the president and co-founder of the American Life League.  She enlightens her reader about the Catholics for Obama campaign and I went over to their website to read it for myself.  This group supports Obama for his "tireless focus on economic security for the middle class."  Other reasons listed are "cutting taxes and extending unemployment insurance" which I agree is important.  In my opinion though, I find their endorsement reasons to be weak and secular in nature.  They even stated "as Catholics we believe every human being is made in the image of God.  From this we discern that, individually and as a nation, we have a moral obligation to care for one another."  But what about the unborn?  They even quoted President Obama's mantra "I am my brother's keeper.  I am my sister's keeper."   

But what he is not, is "the unborn's keeper."

Interestingly, at the bottom of Catholics for Obama website it states "Paid For By Obama For America."  I'm not here to bash President Obama but I am adamantly opposed to his view on the most innocent part of our society which is the unborn.  And I am saddened, that the high profile Catholics who support this Catholics for Obama Campaign are damaging the reputation of Our Catholic Faith.  I wonder if they do go to church?  Receive Holy Communion?  Go to confession?  I wonder who is steering their ship?

By the way, forty years ago, Pope Paul VI warned us "that widespread use of artificial contraceptives would lead to increased marital infidelity, lessened regard for women, and a general lowering of moral standards especially among the young."  Sounds like today's society to me.

St. Joseph, pray for us!
St. Gerard, pray for us!
St. Padre Pio, pray for us!



  1. Noreen, I totally agree. If everyone read Humanae Vitae, they would be blown away by the predictions of Pope Paul VI. His foresight is amazing.

  2. I read that article the other day from Catholics for Obama. But the truth is that they are not living the Catholic faith. What is the scariest is that other Catholics who aren't as strong in their faith could easily be persuaded to cross the line. prayers! Prayers! Prayers!

  3. Wow, sad, sad statistics....we really need to pray, pray, pray....constantly without ceasing....

  4. Interesting statistics, sadly this is nothing new. It seems the Church has been fighting these issues for near 100 years. Who would have though they were so prevalent so many years ago?! You would enjoy the little pamphlet re-published by Refuge of Sinners called Speaking of Birth Control: http://www.amazon.com/Speaking-Birth-Control-Rev-Daniel/dp/B006LQKVBK There are several older Catholic parenting books with imprimaturs that discuss the same problem and it seems it goes back to the late 1800's. Mirror of True Womanhood is another eye opening book.

  5. Hi Noreen. Christendom is one of the few good Catholic colleges, and I know what they say is true.

    I use abortion as a litmus test. If they aren't pro-life, which is an essential issue (although it has become hidden in our political world lately), they do not get my vote.

    Our present administration has socialist, progressive goals; and history shows this as evil; so this liberal "Catholics for Obama" group is in reality, not Catholic. These types of groups cause so much scandal to the true faithful! I really think we need the Bishops to speak out more, especially for politicians who receive Holy Communion (and some good Bishops have). love,andrea

  6. troubling indeed. I read something on Jill Stanek's blog that Obama as an Illinois senator referred to babies born alive after a botched abortion as "a fetus outside the womb."