Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Catholic Lingo Bingo Review

Monica from Equipping Catholic Families gave me the opportunity to review her Catholic Lingo Bingo Game that she created and sells online at her Arma Dei Shoppe.  If you want your children or students to learn "the lingo of the Catholic Church" meaning the sacramentals, vessels and vestments used in Mass, then this is the game for you!  I'm embarrassed to admit that I didn't know some of the names of the vessels until reviewing this game.  So thank you, Monica!

This game is quick and easy to receive because Monica sends it to you online so after you pay for your kit, it's sent instantly through cyberspace to your home or office computer.  I followed Monica's recommendation and printed out my black and white copies on white card stock paper for durability.  It comes with 15 black and white bingo cards, so yes, it's time intensive to color them all. However, if you're a teacher, you can hand them out to your students to color them and it'll be done lickety split.

I opted not to color in the calling cards because after coloring a bunch of the bingo cards myself, I realized,  that my coloring was done at whim.  Which means that each picture of a sanctuary lamp is colored differently.  This was not an issue because when we played it with 5 children (ages 4-12), I showed them the card and helped them identify it if it was on their card.  We had a couple of young children so one of their moms helped out too.  Thanks Colleen!

This game is a great lesson in learning about our church's sacramentals, vestments and vessels.  It's beneficial for all ages including adults.  As I mentioned earlier, I learned a few things too!  It's perfect for younger children because there are 9 large pictures on each game card so it's easy for them to figure out what the picture indicates.  Another idea Monica suggests is to make it into a matching game by cutting out the bingo cards.

Here are some pictures of our game in process...

And yes, a dragon was also invited to join the game!  We played it so that we filled up the entire lingo bingo card so no feelings were hurt by not winning and for them to learn all of the items on their cards.  It's learning and fun all at the same time!  I would definitely recommend this game to every Catholic family and school teacher to instruct the children on these items they see in mass often or on occasion.

Monica gave me a free copy of her Catholic Lingo Bingo Game in exchange for my review.  My remarks are my own.



  1. Thanks for the great review, Noreen! It looks like a really neat game. I've also added your nephew and Sister-in-law to our prayer box. May the angels bring your family comfort and peace!

  2. Thank you Tiffany for the visit and for praying for my family!

  3. Thanks Noreen for the great review...I'll be adding your links to my Catholic Reviewer Panel at

  4. What a brilliant idea. Thanx for the review Noreen.

    God bless.

  5. Wonderful. Thanks for you for sharing!!