Thursday, August 30, 2012

Catholicism Book Review

If you're Catholic and haven't heard of Father Robert Barron, then you must get his book and check out his Word on Fire website soon.  He is a priest in the Archdiocese of Chicago and a faculty member of the Mundelin Seminary.  I was given the opportunity by Tiber River Reviewer Program to read and review Fr. Barron's very popular book called Catholicism.  This book was written as part of his 10 part DVD series on the history of Catholicism and all it's major elements.  His style of writing is easy to understand and has the ability to draw the reader in as you get an in-depth look at the sacraments, worship, prayer, Mary, the apostles and saints, grace, salvation, heaven, hell and purgatory from the Catholic perspective.  It's chock full of information yet doesn't feel like you're reading a text book.  In fact, it's almost like he is speaking right to you.  I certainly felt that way while reading this book as I envisioned him discussing it in his DVD series.  Fr. Barron doesn't try to paint a pretty picture as if the church is made up of saints.  He acknowledges some of the blights against it's history at it's own doing or from times of persecution.

Last year, I was fortunate to watch his DVD series at my church's bible study.  It was filmed with gorgeous scenery, cathedrals, paintings, stained glass and statues from around the world.  I was so utterly amazed at the beauty of what I was watching, that at times, I missed what Fr. Barron was saying.  His book helped me fill in the gaps from my previous viewing experience and learn something new.  Many of the cathedrals and art he highlighted are actually from ancient times that are still beautiful and found around the globe today.  It's incredible!  In his book, he does include several photos but to truly appreciate it's beauty, you should watch the DVD series too.

If you want to understand why Catholics believe what they do, this book is a great place to start.  Or if you'd like to learn more about your own faith, this is the book for you.  He explores the church's history from the time of Jesus up until present.  I also think it's not a book that you read once.  It's more useful than that.  I plan to refer back to it as a reference guide as needed.  I would strongly recommend Catholicism written by Fr. Robert Barron.  You can purchase your own copy at Aquinas and More Catholic Goods.  No monetary compensation was given for my honest review.



  1. we did this for our last Bible study...beautiful images that helped me understand the universal meaning of our amazing faith.