Friday, May 25, 2012

2 Year Anniversary & Teenage Abortions

Yesterday we celebrated 2 years of weekly prayer vigils at one of the abortion clinic in my town. Two years ago, Northwest Families for Life started praying and touching the lives of the mothers who had scheduled abortions at this clinic.  Every Thursday, there are sidewalk counselors and prayer warriors from 7am-1pm.  We celebrated with a deacon leading us in prayer and blessing the parking lot. Our prayers were answered: one baby was saved yesterday! 

Please pray for the mother, Veronica!  

She is 16 weeks along and she opted for life after talking to one of our sidewalk counselors but she really has no support system.  Her boyfriend doesn't want the baby and she is scared.  Really scared. Please pray that she will remain steadfast in her decision to give her baby life and that her family and friends become sources of love and encouragement to her.

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Sadly, 10 other babies were killed yesterday.  Over the last two years, our leaders have kept track of the number of babies saved and the number of babies who were aborted, in their mommy's tummy at the hands of a doctor.  Here are the numbers:

51 babies were given LIFE
673 were given DEATH

Colleen from Inadequate Disciple, has a heart that witnesses for the unborn.  She is also passionate about educating others about the evil of abortion.  On her blog, she recently posted "Mom Forcing Daughter to Have an Abortion?"  Tragically, it happens all to often.  She found some other personal stories, revealing the truth about the pain they've been carrying by being forced to have an abortion by their own mother.

Prayer Intentions:
Please pray for God's graces and blessings on Northwest Families for Life and all of their prayer warriors.
Please pray for the mothers who've had abortions and those who are guilty for encouraging it.
Please pray for the mothers who chose Life, for they have many struggles to endure.
Please pray for the doctor and staff who mistakenly believe they're doing the right thing.
Please pray for our society who have made abortion legal.



  1. Noreen,

    It is so sad that a mother who has experienced birth and motherhood herself, would encourage the abortion of her own grandchild. What message is she giving to her own daughter? She cannot view her as a miracle of creation. When I think of my own children and their births, I often think also how my mother might have felt when she first met me. I hope she was overwhelmed with the same love and awe that I experienced with my babies.

    You are doing such good work, Noreen. God bless you and your fellow workers.

    1. A horrible message indeed. That embarrassment and inconvenience are more important than a life... a precious little baby! Thank you for your support as always Sue!

  2. Hi, Noreen. I am glad you included that link. The place in Des Plaines is so close to home versus the one we travel to in Aurora, although that Aurora multi-million dollar facility does so many. I might visit and pray with you all on a Thursday. I have counselor training today . . . in an hour. I was happy to get your comment. I'll have to return the linking favor. I can see the teenage girls being taken to the center, often against the girl's will, stings you and Sue too. I don't understand it and the emotions are combination of sadness and anger, right? Thank you for your faithfulness in providing a prayerful presence for the unborn. May God continue to strengthen you and your fellow workers. Are you going downtown again on June 8th?

    1. We would love for you to come and pray with us on a Thursday! I can understand your desire to continue on at the Aurora clinic since it sounds like an abortion machine. I agree about the emotions that we the prayer warriors experience, for me, it's mostly sadness and at times, I'm brought to tears.

      Yes, I am planning on going downtown for the Religious Freedom Rally even though I've heard there is an effort going on to have one in Schaumburg. The ladies from Northwest Families for Life are working on it with others.

    2. Colleen~ Are you going? This time my son is coming with me.

  3. And . . . I will pray for Veronica. Praise God for the saves! I was looking into Project Gabriel yesterday. I like those stickers on cars. They don't seem to be readily available on the website though. The stickers have an 800 helpline to provide helpful information and support for pregnant girls. There is at least one car in our high school parking lot with a couple of these. I think it would be great to have these spread into other high school parking lots, so that more girls would see them and maybe call them, to hear a voice of love and truth.

    1. I hadn't even heard of Project Gabriel. I will look into it too and see if Maria & Laura (NWFL) are aware of it. They probably are but just to be certain.

  4. Praying.

    God bless you for your work.